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Modern Hippie Styles in der GYPSY TRUCK FS 17 Kampagne der NOMAD BOHEMIAN Boutique, die Fotos von Markus HENTTONEN c/o STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS

Markus HENTTONEN c/o STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS fotografierte die GYPSY TRUCK Frühling und Sommer 2017 Kampagne für die NOMAD BOHEMIAN Boutique. In exklusiven Hippie Styles und wunderschön- natürlichem Licht entstand diese tolle Strecke für das einzigartige Shoppingerlebnis...

About - Gypsy Truck, Spain’s first fashion truck, is a mobile nomad bohemian boutique that offers limited pieces, high brand treasures and gypsy items, all hand-picked by its creator, Natàlia Puiggros. She remains at the forefront of the project with a worldwide vision of expansion. Gypsy Truck first debuted in July of 2015 at the island of Formentera, a destination of bohemian jet-setters who appreciate exclusive editions and high quality designs.

An old Walk-Thru truck, from the extinct british brand Commer, that used to be a ride for wanderers seeking for the hippie Californian lifestyle. The designs that cover the truck are original drawings from those adventurous souls that travelled along with the Gypsy Truck back in the 70’s.

The NEW original brand Gypsy Truck, inspired by different cultures, eclectic designs and travel memories all around the world that Natàlia found in her journeys. The Gypsy Truck is a unique shopping experience that has an old soul that has kept growing from adventures, other countries, nature, road-trip stories, authentic friends and of course, the gyspsian way of living.

Nomad Bohemian Boutique
- Spain's Original First Fashion Truck - Book us for private parties & events - Mobile 0034 669386574 or
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'Ihre Kaffeemaschine muss nicht ins WLAN. Ihre Kunden schon' - Astrid GROSSER c/o STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS fotografiert TELEKOM Kampagne, drei Motive für Euch auf GoSee

'Digitalisierung. Einfach. Machen.' Astrid GROSSER c/o STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS wurde von der Agentur Fischer Appelt Furore beauftragt eine Kampagne für die TELEKOM zu fotografieren. Das Artbuying von Johanna Merensky, Laura Saggau übernahm die Art Direction und Creative Director war Mathias Müller. Die Motive für Euch auf GoSee.
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'I see Double' - Kári SVERRISS c/o STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS photographs a black & white spread for NUDE magazine

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