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Furka Pass, with an elevation of 2,429 metres, is a high mountain pass in the Swiss Alps connecting Gletsch, Valais with Realp, Uri. Scanderbeg Sauer has not only shot the nature but also the fake chalets (former military bunkers) as well as found objects.

Scanderbeg Sauer is a Zurich/Munich-based photographic duo comprised of Andreana Scanderbeg and Alexander Sauer. Renowned for their clear-eyed, fine art aesthetic, the pair has carved out their own niche in the world of modern industrial photography. Having traveled to a variety of industrial facilities and areas around the world, the duo makes pictures of machines and facilities with the same precision with which they were engineered. Not one pipe or piston out of place.

The Pencil Perfect - The Untold Story of a Cultural Icon. Illustrated by Oriana Fenwick c/o kombinatrotweiss

The Pencil Perfect (Gestalten Verlag) takes its namesake’s four simple ingredients – wood, graphite, clay, and water – and narrates a tale of worldwide influence and innovation. Caroline Weaver, pencil connoisseur and CW Pencil Enterprise Shop owner, composes texts that extol the nuanced influence of her beloved and humble implement. Illustrations exclusively drawn for The Pencil Perfect by Oriana Fenwick, an artist from Zimbabwe who works with fine details and intense realism, pair with Weaver’s words to present a story that is both endearing and enlightening.

Through profiles of pencil makers, anecdotes about famous writers’ favorite pencils, and essays about the surprising role of pencils in world history and culture, the chronicle of a modest but mighty tool unfolds. Follow the charming contrivance as it guides the course of early communication in the Scientific Revolution, the American Revolutionary War, the Anglo-French War, and the French Revolution: it is a historical journey and a captivating memoir. See how its past contemporarily compares with its use and...


VIVID WILDERNESS by Casiegraphics at WILD WOOD Gallery, Kassel/Germany

Vivid Wilderness ist eine farbkräftige Interpretation der Wildnis und Natur, Farben wurden zum Leben erweckt mit starken Pinselstrichen. Für diese Ausstellung hat sich Casiegraphics zum Ziel gemacht die Schönheit der Natur und des Tierreichs hervorzuheben und um die Wichtigkeit zum Erhalt der natürlichen Heimat der Tiere. Die Arbeiten sind grafisch, illustrativ und verspielt mit klaren Linen und Mustern gepinselt und spiegeln die eigene Bildsprache von Casiegraphics wieder. Viele weitere Arbeiten via KOMBINATROTWEISS.

VERNISSAGE: 10.06.2017 - 20.00 H
AUSSTELLUNG: 10.06. - 15.07.2017

Wild Wood gallery & store – Friedrich Ebert Straße 99 – 34119 Kassel

'Lissa Rivera - Beautiful Boy' at ClampArt

ClampArt is pleased to announce “Lissa Rivera: Beautiful Boy”—the artist’s first solo show with the gallery.

Lissa Rivera’s “Beautiful Boy” portraits revel in gender as a repertoire.
—Stephen Vider, social and cultural historian

On the subway one evening, Lissa Rivera’s new friend BJ shared that throughout college he had almost exclusively worn women’s clothing. However, after taking a professional job, he felt much less free to explore gender. Lissa, having struggled through her own fraught relationship with the demands of proscribed femininity, suggested to BJ that perhaps photographs might help create a space for him to explore his identity outside isolation.

Lissa writes: “Taking the first pictures was an emotional experience. I connected with my friend’s vulnerability. I wanted to make sure that the images were not a compromise for either of us, and we engaged in many discussions.”

Eventually, Lissa and BJ found themselves falling in love. Now romantic partners, the two are collaborators who have sought to “perform and reshape gender individually and as...

BARBARA PROBST 12 MOMENTS 28.4. –10.6.2017 at kuckei-kuckei.de

Kuckei + Kuckei is pleased to announce an exhibition of recent works by New York based German artist Barbara Probst. Barbara Probst studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, and photography with Bernd Becher at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. She began her career with sculptural works, then moved on to three-dimensional installations that included photography, and finally, since the year 2000, to the multi-part photographic works, the “Exposures”, which brought her international renown. Her “Exposures” are always composed by a group of photographs. At first glance they appear mysteriously connected, yet without revealing their secret. Closer observation reveals that they all portray the same scene and have been taken in the same second, but from very different angles.

For Probst this fragmentation of the instant into a series of images is the tool for exploring the many ambiguities inherent to the photographic image. In her work the relationship of the photographic instant to reality is intensified in two distinct ways, whereby the captured moment acquires an almost...

GUESS kids Spring 2017 Campaign Preview on GoSee

The kids are back! With another GUESS kids Campaign featuring the S/S ’17 Collection, photographed by Rus ANSON c/o ALYSSA PIZER MGMT. Discover the collection at guess.eu/en

Mein geliebtes Ich - Stern Magazin Kolumne

Seit Januar 2017 erscheint im STERN Magazin die Fotokolumne "Mein geliebtes Ich". (Fotos: Frank Lübke - Interviews: Alexandros Stefanidis). Die Kolumne basiert auf dem "Me, Myself and I" Fotoprojekt, an dem Frank Lübke seit 2010 arbeitet. Für das Projekt wurden bisher über 50 Persönlichkeiten portraitiert. In den Bildern begegnen die Menschen ihrem anderen Ich.
"Selbstliebe ist der Beginn einer lebenslangen Romanze". (Oscar Wilde)


UPDATE 1 7 - coming soon !

Save the date : 06 October 2017, Berlin. We hope to see you there !