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Starfotografen-Duo Hunter & Gatti eröffnen HG Art Gallery inklusive Concept Store sowie hauseigenem Retouch Studio THE SHARP LINE in Barcelona - wir präsentieren Euch Fotos vom Opening hosted by Top Nieves Alvarez auf GoSee

Das umtriebige und international erfolgreiche Fotografen-Duo HUNTER & GATTI, das Kampagnen, Editorials und Fashionfilme weltweit umsetzt und selber als Künstler in diversen Ausstellungen präsent ist, eröffnete soeben seine eigene Galerie mit Concept Store in Barcelona.

"We are very proud to present our new art gallery in Barcelona including a great online shop, too. In total 300square meters gallery with our new retouch studio ( and HG production offices. A big space with a concept store in the heart of Barcelona and in front of the emblematic “casa de les punxes” building. The idea of the store is to showcase very limited editions of books, clothing, prints, toys… things we like when we travel around the world. Also we designed some hats (hand made!) and some bike jackets for men and women plus some collectors limited edition skateboards." so Martin von HUNTER & GATTI zu GoSee und führt aus: "We opened the space with our first solo exhibition in Spain till October but the idea is to host many international contemporary artists too, always photo and fashion related to our DNA. On GoSee we show you the series we are exhibiting at the moment - IWMYAS + ALL IS FLUX (our last serie)." Das berühmte spanische Model Nieves Alvarez war die Gastgeberin bei der Eröffnung der Ausstellung, wir haben Fotos für Euch auf GoSee.

About - 'All is Flux' : Inspired by the power traditionally attributed to image, Hunter & Gatti wanted their works to perpetuate the wildfire velocity of fashion and the fast cycle of this industry which voraciously consumes any of the images they have created. In response, H&G started re-working celebrity portraits: taking recognizable faces that idealize the work, to give them a new origin, exploring concepts in perception, change and identity, and playing with the tension between the material and the photography. Change is the only way to keep their pictures alive. All is flux, nothing stays still.

'I will make you a star' 
is a series of works by Hunter & Gatti that reflects their desire to bring together photography and painting in one format. The artistic duo was inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat's neo-expressionist paintings, and more particularly by a specific incident in his career: the moment that art dealer Rene Ricard spotted Basquiat's work at a party and promised him that he would make him a star. When Basquiat's work started to become famous, the art world was living a very special moment. New York's art scene was overflowing with charismatic people and have a strong public persona was a major influence in the way one's work was being perceived. Despite the fact that Basquiat's art was undoubtedly unique, his image, his aesthetic and his personality contributed the most to his success. Hunter & Gatti wanted to pay tribute to Basquiat's legacy by merging the celebrity portraits they have made in the past for fashion editorials and campaigns, featuring the most iconoclastic members of today's scene with Basquiat's inspired paintings that transcend the limits of the art world and form part of our collective unconsciousness - just like the famous faces of their photos. Their idea was to create a series of original hybrids that explore the limits of popular culture. We may recognize the identity of the celebrities that are hidden behind the layers of painting, but at the same time we are left perplexed by the new faces that have emerged and this contradiction is the essence of "I will make you a star”.

About Hunter & Gatti :
With their innovative outlook on art, film, and photography, Hunter & Gatti formed by Cristian Hunter and Martin Gatti, has established themselves as an internationally recognized creative duo within the fashion and art world, expanding effortlessly from their studio in Barcelona to New York City. Hunter & Gatti decided to explore even further the infinite possibilities of transformation, turning something as temporary as a fashion editorial, with its clearly commercial appeal, into something completely different and original, a unique piece of art.
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EL CORTE INGLÉS präsentiert sein Bademodenlabel ENFÁSIS BLACK FS17 - die verführerische Einführungskampagne von den Star-Shootern HUNTER & GATTI

EL CORTE INGLÉS ist, gemessen am Umsatz, die größte Warenhauskette Europas und belegt Platz vier weltweit. Der Name El Corte Inglés („Der englische Schnitt“) stammt von einer Schneiderei für Kinderbekleidung, gegründet 1890 in Madrid. Énfasis Black, das ist die neue und aufregende Bademodenlinie des Big Players, im Studio verführerisch inszeniert von den Starfotografen HUNTER & GATTI. Wir zeigen Euch die Motive und den Film zum Shoot.

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Eternal Sunshine - Hunter & Gatti fotografieren die ALLSISTERS Frühjahr Sommer 17 Kollektion

ALLSISTERS - das ist 'responsible swimwear' made in Barcelona. Wer könnte das besser inszenieren als das spanische Fotografen-Duo HUNTER & GATTI ? Das Wort responsible trägt das sexy Label nicht umsonst im Namen - seine Mode wird letztendlich aus recycleten Fischnetzen und weiterem Nylon-Abfall hergestellt. Wie toll das aussehen kann - seht selbst. Hair Paco Garrigues, und Make-up Frank Garret. Go & See:
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