01.09.2016  •  Art NEWS


GoSee Tipp ... Slava Mogutin über die FACEBOOK Zensur, die Teilnahme an der New York Art Book Fair im MoMA PS1, sein Buch 'Bros & Brosephines' bei powerHouse Books und sein Projekt 'Young Blood Open Heart'

Der russischer Journalist, Autor und Fotograf Slava Mogutin drückt sich seit zwei Dekaden in seinen meist provokanten Bildern recht drastisch und unbenommen künstlerisch aus. Aufgrund drohender Strafverfolgung infolge seiner investigativen, zum Teil aber auch als rassistisch bzw. sexistisch titulierten Arbeiten sah er sich 1995 gezwungen, Russland zu verlassen. Vor einigen Tagen erhielten wir eine Mail, in der er seine Gedanken, aktuellen Projekte sowie seine neue Bildserie 'Young Blood Open Heart' teilt, die wir ebenfalls gerne und unzensiert auf GoSee mit Euch teilen....

"Dear Bros & Brosephines,cAs most of you know, I don’t do these mass mailings too often. This means I've got something worthy to share.

I recently published an open letter to the social media mogul Mark Zuckerberg, The Censorship Monster: Who’s Afraid of a Queer Nipple In the Digital Age, addressing the rampant online censorship and bullying, which many of us in our queer community have experienced first hand. If you haven’t done so already, I urge you to join the debate about online censorship that undermines our fundamental freedoms and how WE CAN combat it together.

If you happen to be in beautiful Prague, please join me on August 11th for the opening of my first outdoor public exhibition Lost Boys: From Russia with Love. This is also my first solo show in Czech Republic and second in Eastern Europe after Krakow, Poland. I must admit, it feels bitter-sweet to see my early snapshot portraits being blown up billboard-size in the historic heart of Prague, right where the monument to Stalin used to stand as a grim reminder of many dark years of the Communist oppression. It seems, now my art has come a full circle from the street to galleries and museums and now back to the street again, where it has always belonged. The show runs through September 30th.

I'm proud to have my collaborative work with Brian Kenny (as SUPERM) included in the queer utopia exhibition Tomorrow Never Happens at the Samek Art Museum at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. This show curated by Richard Rinehart and accompanied by a printed catalog with an essay by Nikki Young poses the very timely questions about queer art and identity in the broader context of the cultural and political anxieties about our future. Other artists include Deborah Kaas, Walt Cassidy, Felix Gonzales-Torres, and Andy Warhol. The show is on view August 30 - December 4th.

On September 15-18, I'll be sharing for the first time my new journals and hand-made books at the New York Art Book Fair at MoMA PS1. Presented by Mr. Billy Miller of Straight to Hell, my latest analog titles include A$$a$$in, Unfit Sexgoat, Other Fetish Objects, Panorama Morte, Only Only, and $atan Youth. I'm also thrilled to have the excerpts from these journals published in the upcoming issue of VACZINE, edited by Mr. Walt Cessna.

And last but not least, I'm happy to virtually unveile my latest body of work, Young Blood Open Heart, combining traditional paper/photo collage with bodily fluids, rust, wine, vinegar, lime and beet juice, and even some vaginal cream (all the good things). Let's now all go organic and vegan, shall we?

Stay tuned for special announcements about my upcoming collaborations with Gosha Rubchinskiy and Susanne Oberbeck of No Bra, as well as my third photography book, Bros & Brosephines, covering two decades of editorial and commission work, out in early 2017 from Brooklyn's own powerHouse Books.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and thanks for your continuing support.

Love always,