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‘DUO’ – the new summer fragrance by ‘Young Royals’ stars Omar Rudberg and Edvin Ryding is out now – stills & motion by MIRA & THILDA c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO

Warm, fresh and sexy… Singer & actor Omar Rudberg joined forces with ‘Young Royals’ co-star Edvin Ryding to transform their friendship into the most sought-after fragrance of the summer. MIRA & THILDA c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO were in charge of directing and photographing the perfume campaign. DUO is the second fragrance from OMR BEAUTY and a creation from the collaboration between the two stars of the NETFLIX series ‘Young Royals’…

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HETZNER PRODUKTION presents : ‘Sacred Journey’ for the Norwegian travel specialists from Db JOURNEY

Try to fit your life in a bag – and remember: it’s always 6 pm somewhere … – for Db JOURNEY, Andreas Nilsson c/o Superstudio shot this entertaining three-minute film on the fascinating subject of traveling. The film was produced by HETZNER PRODUKTION.

Behind the smarter travel gear from Db JOURNEY is DB Equipment AS from Oslo, which was founded in Norway in 2009 by legendary freeskier Jon Olsson and engineer Truls Brataas with the goal of redefining travel gear – and by doing so, enabling more convenient journeys…

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GoSee CREATIVES TO WATCH : Carsten Menge, CEO of KEKO, on the PORSCHE double win, creative ideas and their impact on consumers, luxury as expertise, and inclusion à la KEKO

Full-service agency KEKO has just won the pitch for PORSCHE’s retail marketing, defending the budgets for PORSCHE Germany & Switzerland. Following this double victory, the agency will continue to support 90 Porsche Centers in Germany as well as nine in Switzerland. KEKO will continue to work for the brand in areas where customers, fans, and cooperation partners all come together. A team of around 70 KEKO creatives in total will work on the production of all communication materials, the implementation of new strategies as well as in the areas of customer segmentation, CRM and community building.

We are delighted to present Carsten Menge here on GoSee, the CEO of KEKO, and as a consultant, responsible for more than 80 Porsche Centers in Germany. He also supports the VIA Group in Berlin and the Anne Ramm Foundation


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‘Non-Alcoholic’ – the new book by photographer Jule Frommelt with food & beverage styling by Nadine PAGE c/o STILLSTARS

“Nadine Page, a foodstylist at heart, crafted this non-alcoholic cookbook together with photographer Jule Frommelt,” STILLSTARS.

Publishing house AT tells us about its book entitled ‘Non-Alcoholic’ : “Non-alcoholic drinks are the buzz everywhere: More and more are acquiring a taste for healthy aperitifs. Not a big surprise – after all, what could be better than getting up after a night out and feeling fresh…

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