WAGNERCHIC in charge of post production for VOLOCITY – the world’s first electric urban air taxi

VOLOCITY is an autonomous electric urban air taxi. Pioneering technology with an elegant aesthetic that combines the lightness of flying with the highest safety standards, and time-saving travel with a unique flying experience. The motifs presented here on GoSee.NEWS were staged by Stuttgart-based photographer Tom Ziora – and WAGNERCHIC was responsible for creative post production. The agency was Strichpunkt Design.

The VoloCity is an all-electric aircraft with the ability to vertically take off and land. It is built by German manufacturer Volocopter and is the company’s first production model. With the VoloCity, Volocopter has built the fourth generation following the Volocopter VC200 / 2X and the first production model of its aircraft. The first confirmed use planned is the launch of an electric-powered air taxi service in Singapore within the next three years…


Precision Crafted Performance — The All-New RDX by MATTHEW JONES

“There’s nothing more exhilarating to me than being the lead photographer on a code-red production. From the moment of pride after being awarded the opportunity to define and develop the look of a nameplate’s new campaign, to the multitude of security on set that makes you feel like the team is part of a high-stakes, covert operation, all the way down to the red stickers enveloping everyone’s devices – all of this accumulates to provide a thrill of secrecy and excitement that is always one of the highlights of my job.

I am pleased to say that last year, I had the opportunity to lead not one, but two code-red productions for Acura via MullenLowe. After many chip-shortage delays, portfolio image approvals, and re-edits, I am beyond excited to finally present my take on Acura’s latest premium sport crossover – the 2022 RDX.” Transportation specialist MATTHEW JONES tells…

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