Abortion rights are human rights. – Dimitri NEWMAN c/o ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT photographs THE EVERY BODY stills campaign

“The largest beauty industry-backed reproductive justice initiative to date.” – Los Angeles resident and still life expert Dimitri NEWMAN c/o ALYSSA PIZER photographed THE EVERY BODY stills campaign for the abortion rights initiative on commission for SAIE BEAUTY.

“Join us in protecting Every Body’s reproductive freedom – because abortion rights are human rights. In partnership with the SisterSong Reproductive Justice Collective, donate to protect reproductive freedom by shopping limited-edition products from over 35+ top beauty brands.” we read on the website.

“At Saie, our mission first and foremost is to create positive change for people and the planet. As a leader in this industry and a mother of two daughters, I can’t just sit back while our reproductive freedoms are taken away from all of us…


MRS. ROBINSON : presents the TINE DE CLEER Girls S/S ‘23 campaign … and meet the Amsterdam-based agency MRS. ROBINSON once again as an exhibitor at UPDATE-23-BERLIN

For her sustainable label, the trained Belgian fashion designer TINE DE CLEER likes to work with deadstock fabrics and leftovers from bigger luxury companies. She is specialized in women’s and girl’s patterns and known for perfect workmanship. The campaign for her latest S/S ‘23 Girls collection was photographed by Liesje REYSKENS c/o MRS. ROBINSON.

“We produce small unique girls collections focussed on high-quality fabrics, refinement and couture workmanship. Each item in the collection is unique thanks to the high-quality fabric we carefully select from deadstock designer collections…


'¡Vamos Simbiosis! – Building a Partnership with the Sea through Arts and Science' – the artwork for the initiative for protection of the Mediterranean came from Katrin and Kristina c/o ART ACT 

We present you the posters here which were created as part of the kick-off event for the interdisciplinary project ‘¡Vamos Simbiosis! – Building a Partnership with the Sea through Arts and Science’ of the University of Heidelberg and LMU Munich.

The project is a think tank of artists and scientists in an attempt to find climate- and environment-relevant solutions that contribute to saving the eco-system of the Mediterranean Sea…