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About 711rent

711rent pairs photo and video equipment rental with extraordinary 24/7 service, in eight cities across Europe. Founded in 2003, at a garage in Hamburg, we sensed an urgent need for a swift, easy, and competent rental house with a can-do attitude for a new generation of creatives. Our motivated crew is passionate about our quality gear and welcomes ambitious projects. We aim to support visionaries unleashing their creativity, so they get their career-defining shot. Challenge accepted!

711rent shares equipment, passion, and expertise to support visionaries in realizing their creativity. Fast, easy, and reliable.

711rent puts gear, passion, and expertise to work supporting creatives to realize their visions.

PASSION FOR GEAR We are passionate about the wide range of quality equipment we rent out. We maintain it meticulously, so it stays in prime shape, always functions like new, and update it with latest innovations in technology. We tailor our packages precisely to our client’s projects. We’re accurate, neat, and highly organized, some call it nerdy. We take that as a compliment.

SPOTLIGHT ON CLIENTS We’re committed to service and our clients’ visions are our guiding lights. We provide the optimum toolbox so they can unleash their full creative potential. We want them to think big, be daring, and never censor extravagant ideas. Only when they do an outstanding job, we’ve done ours. We want to support them to produce career-defining work. That’s how we roll.

PAINKILLER SERVICE On shoot day, every department faces its own set of problems. Our crew makes stress optional. We’re a wildly motivated team of discreet problem-solvers to the issues our clients didn’t know they had. When things get hot, we don’t lose our cool. We remove the headache that stands between our clients and their most ambitious production. Painkillers on legs.

HOUSE OF YES! Grand ideas? Complicated requirements? We have a soft spot for challenges and the can-do attitude of Olympic athletes. Where some see obstacles, we see opportunities. They fear constrains, we smell potential. We’re flexible and swift team players running on positive energy, always figuring stuff out. This is House of Yes!

FAMILY VALUES 711rent is an international family enterprise. Our dedicated crew considers clients part of our extended tribe. We take hospitality in all eight branches seriously and want members to enjoy memorable shoots. We believe teamwork and good vibes power-charge creative performance. We’ve been accused of producing some terminal workaholics.

STYLE MATTERS We cater to professionals who pioneer aesthetics and looks. It’s hard to do style when you’re surrounded by drab, dull, and doom. While we don’t do snob, we keep an eye on appearances and presentation. Devil is in the details.

INNOVATIVE Technology and the media landscape keeps evolving and so does our inventory. We let our clients know of the latest gadget we’ve got up our sleeves. We keep our eyes open for novelty innovations and train people to put it to best use. Our ears are glued on the tarmac for our fast-forward clients. We don’t know what the future looks like, but we’ll be part of it.

SUSTAINABLE There’s nothing more sustainable than sharing. We keep our equipment in shape so it lasts longer, developed our own reusable packing material and boxes to eliminate most plastic, and continue to cultivate tactics to minimize our carbon footprint. We want to save the scenery of this awesome planet for the next generation. And the one after.

COVID-19 RESPONSE While our customers might not see us smile behind the mask, they’ll feel our welcome. We’ve made every effort to respond to the pandemic, and surpassed most of the local mandates so our business and that of our clients can bounce back. We’ve rearranged and rebuilt our shops to comply with social distancing requirements, introduced extra rounds of disinfection on even the tiniest element of equipment, and continue to support our team to stay healthy. We flatten this curve to stay ahead of another.