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featured by Andreas Ortner : Awaiting you in ELLE Germany September ‘21 are 30 pages of trendy fashion – photographed by ANDREAS ORTNER in Italy

For the September issue of ELLE Germany, fashion photographer ANDREAS ORTNER and ELLE Fashion Director Pia Leonie Knoll traveled to Italy. The plan was to realize editorials for 30 lush pages full of fashion. Because as we all know, the September issues of big magazines give us a glimpse of the fashion we can all look forward to in the far too quickly approaching Fall/Winter season ‘21- ‘22. Labels such as Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, and Schiaparelli will soon whisk us away to the dark side according to ELLE… In the spread presented here, Montenegrin model Emilia Vucinic is the star – besides the sensational all black fashion, of course. Hair & make-up: Gianluca Mandelli. GoSee :
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