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BENTLEY Mulsanne Coupé by ARES DESIGN Modena – staged by transportation photographer IGOR PANITZ

ARES DESIGN Modena created an extremely limited number of only ten BENTLEY Coupés based on the legendary Mulsanne. Transportation specialist IGOR PANITZ had the opportunity to photograph the automobile in his Traffic studio in Stuttgart. The motifs were shot in an extremely narrow time frame on analogue film. Igor : “The idea was to emphasize the elegance and softness of the car.”

ARES DESIGN on the company philosophy : “Our philosophy of co-creation means that our clients can actually design their own car; choose materials and colors; define the silhouette of the vehicle and even decide how many doors and windows it has. Our customers dream of creating the stunning concepts we see each year in Geneva but which never make it onto the streets. We can make that a reality.”

On more than 23,000 square meters in Modena, ARES Design houses everything from CAD, carbon fibre ovens, electrical system engineering specialists, drivetrain assembly, a paint shop, artisan leather works and metal bodywork facilities. The list is nearly endless and is guaranteed to satisfy every customer : “Whether we are creating bespoke, muscular off-roaders, reimagining the styling of an existing automotive icon or carrying out a sophisticated interior makeover, ARES Design’s skilled technicians and craftspeople are all gathered under a single roof and are ready to make luxurious modifications to bring your striking concepts to life.”

Behind the success of the company are Dany Bahar, Co-Founder & CEO, and Waleed al-Ghafari, Co-Founder and Chairman, not least known for his $ 3.3 billion real-estate project Dubai Pearl.

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Porsche 911 ST Clone – interpreted by transportation specialist IGOR PANITZ

We present you personal work by transportation specialist IGOR PANITZ with a Porsche 911 ST Clone in the lead role. The Porsche 911 ST is a super-light version of the 911 F-model, which was built in a limited edition of only 21 cars – and is neither available or affordable today in its original form. No wonder, drivers want a taste of the ST fascination now and are reconstructing the legendary car according to the original specifications. The result : a clone, that makes the hearts of Porsche fans skip a beat.

Igor photographed the car in a quick and rough studio session at his brilliant traffic studio near Stuttgart. The objective was to create one shots that are simple, effective and fast – just like the legendary ST.
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IGOR PANITZ presents you the launch campaign for BMW – THE 2

Transportation pro IGOR PANITZ proudly presents you his launch campaign for BMW – The 2. Igor Panitz tells us : “In spring 2021, we realized a lifestyle campaign in Barcelona with top-of-the-class styling in raw locations that perfectly stage the vibrating purple finish of the car.” The photos were shot mostly with handheld cameras using wide-angle lenses. Art Director Marc Isken was there on location to represent the agency Media.Monks, and post was taken care of by Stefan Eisele. Styling: Mira Uszkureit. GoSee : igorpanitz.com
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