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featured by STILLSTARS : Claudia GÖDKE c/o STILLSTARS photographs ‘Pizza Food Porn’ for L’OSTERIA and the agency Grabarz XCT

Hungry?! Then enjoy the taste of the social media campaign for L’OSTERIA. L’Osteria is a system gastronomy chain founded in 1999 and is part of FR L’Osteria GmbH in Nuremberg. There are branches in Germany, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, the UK, and since 2011, also in Austria. They are operated in part independently and in part by franchise holders.

GRABARZ XCT just delivered the made-to-measure, oven-fresh campaign. It was photographed by Claudia GÖDKE c/o STILLSTARS. Foodstyling: Natasha VAN VELZEN, also c/o STILLSTARS, props: Maria Struck and digi/light: Ingo Polster. So don’t forget: #sundayispizzaday ! GoSee :
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