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About Film Deluxe GmbH

Film Deluxe is a creative full-service-film production company, led by the owners who put quality before profit. We produce „moving pictures“ for all relevant channels, from TV Spots to image films, virals, music videos, on air promotion and a lot more including feature films. We are a fantastic team of passionate specialists , no blown-up assembly-line film producers or super cool commercial-hipsters who wants to land a creative hit, not knowing how to pre-finance the next project. Our films and projects are not products of happy coincident but visionary fruits of our directors. We support these visions thoroughgoing.

Film Deluxe was founded in 2000 in Berlin. We are regularly mentioned in press and have been awarded in Germany and internationally. For years we have been in the top 15 as a top turnover production company in Germany – 2011 awarded one of the 5 most creative commercial film production companies in the country. We work with leading advertising agencies and innovative customers for national and international brands and products. We have produced the first interactive horror movie for 13th Street/NBC together with the agency Jung von Matt Spree. The project won every possible creative price worldwide.