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The new ŠKODA SCALA with a campaign by Kai-Uwe GUNDLACH for Optimist Prague

Emotive, sporty, authentic – the design language of the new ŠKODA SCALA is strikingly modern. And the perfect visuals for it came from award-winning transportation specialist Kai-Uwe GUNDLACH, who photographed the campaign for the new model in Valencia, Benidorm and Alicante in Spain.

The agency was Optimist Inc. Prague with CD Yann Fischels, and post production was taken care of by Akcent from Prague (cars via CGI – pre-post on set by Markus Behrens). Art buying was in the hands of Tanja Braune.

The new ŠKODA SCALA just got a subtle facelift plus a few changes style-wise for a fresh and modern look. It is planned to hit the market at the beginning of 2024.

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Balance’ – transportation & art project by KAI-UWE GUNDLACH on GoSee

The style of photography by KAI-UWE GUNDLACH can be described as artistic and vibrant, masterfully pairing the spontaneity of his approach with intricate detail in post production. He intuitively finds unconventional perspectives of familiar motifs such as scenes in urban settings and landscapes.

He presents his series ‘Balance’ here on GoSee, albeit in a new composition. Also on the team were the models Philipp Milojevic, Sadia Coudberto and Emmanuel Amorin, who were styled by Davor Jelusic.

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KAI-UWE GUNDLACH photographs the spread ‘A Clear Stance’ for HIGHLEVELZERO.com

highlevelzero.com is much more than just a blog for non-alcoholic menu pairings, beverages and culinary delights. The Highlevel Zero Dining Club is a print publication which combines various aspects of living a lifestyle of sobriety with topics from the areas of fashion, sports, design, art and culture.

The series presented here, with the title ‘A Clear Stance’, was photographed by KAI-UWE GUNDLACH – and it’s all about Dry Yoga – practiced outside cool bars everywhere… worldwide: Cool bars, that is, where non-alcoholic drinks are also on the menu.

The idea for the blog, or the publication for that matter, came from Hamburg-based still life photographer Oliver Schwarzwald : “Our ‘sobercurious’ movement is still in its infancy. The community is not huge, but it is globally networked. To make sure our magazine reaches as many readers as possible, we have chosen English as the language for our print edition.”

The magazine costs €4.90 and is available online in the shop.

GoSee : highlevelzero.comstudiogundlach.de

ART DIRECTOR Thomas Elmenhorst
COPYWRITER Judith Stoletzky
STYLING Davor Jelusic
HAIR & MAKEUP Helena Narra

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