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featured by Upfront Photo & Film GmbH : ‘The perfect steak is no longer rare’ campaign for WEBER by René RIIS c/o UPFRONT for Scholz & Friends

Together with the agency Scholz & Friends, René RIIS c/o UPFRONT photographed Weber’s new ‘The Perfect Steak’ campaign. Art Direction: Sheryl Hartmann and Head of Artbuying: Kerstin Mende. Manning the grill was Chef de Cuisine Mario Stabenow from the client and foodstylist Florian Ballschuh.
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featured by KLAUS STIEGEMEYER : Actros - don’t settle for less. Campaign plus a film for MERCEDES BENZ TRUCKS by photographer & director Johannes KÜHN c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER for Scholz & Friends

The new Actros F with its minimalist, function-oriented features is becoming an indispensable companion for everyday work for drivers and entrepreneurs alike. And it’s making it easier than ever to drive a truck from Mercedes-Benz. Johannes KÜHN c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER realized the campaign for MERCEDES BENZ TRUCKS on commission for Scholz & Friends. Creative responsibility was in the hands of Creative Director Jörg Waschescio while ADs Nathalie Poets, Leonardo Valadao, Kerstin Mende took care of art buying.
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Germany is rolling up its sleeves – Peter RIGAUD c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT photographs the vaccination campaign to protect against coronavirus for the German Federal Ministry of Health, the Robert Koch Institute and the Federal Center for Health Education

For almost a year, researchers all over the world have worked on a vaccine for the coronavirus at top speed. Up until now, the most effective means of protection has been to keep a safe distance from one another. Now, there are finally several effective vaccines. And Germany is slowly but surely rolling up its sleeves – for the Corona vaccination. The people campaign was photographed by Peter RIGAUD c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT.

The slogan of the campaign against Corona, or the vaccination campaign of the German government, is “Germany is rolling up its sleeves”. A new 25-million-euro campaign is meant to inform about the Corona vaccination and increase readiness for vaccination. Posters, video clips, radio spots and online infos were developed by the agency Scholz & Friends to keep the general population and specialized personnel informed in two stages.

The campaign was initiated by the German Federal Ministry of Health (BMG), the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA). Around twelve million of the 25 million euros are going to the poster campaign. Information is available on the website, plus ads are planned in regional daily papers and in medical trade journals. Information topics range from ‘The Corona vaccination is this safe’ to ‘What healthcare workers need to know about the Corona vaccination.” GoSee :
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