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featured by Katy Otto : COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION of the German MAMMOGRAPHY SCREENING PROGRAM – portrait campaign with authentic likable characters, photographed by KATY OTTO for the agency Super an der Spree

The Cooperative Association of the German Mammography Screening Program Berlin began the Breast Cancer Month October with a get together event themed upon the slogan ‘Take Care of Yourself!’. Women share their very personal stories and thoughts about the early detection of breast cancer and about suffering from breast cancer. Their openness is directed at raising awareness for all facets of this illness and the possible methods of early detection, while giving those affected strength and hope.

For the portrait advertising campaign, all participants posed in front of a studio set in a loft on the street Salzufer in Berlin clad in a uniform look with an illustrated T-shirt. During the photo session, the women were free to choose how they wanted to present themselves for the camera. Visible throughout all portraits is the strength and the hope they give women to personally cope with the disease.

“Each year, we use October to encourage women to become informed about breast cancer early detection. We now wanted to give the people a voice who can tell us best about the role the disease and early detection play in their lives,” says Corinna Heinrich, spokeswoman for the Cooperative Association of the German Mammography Program. You’ll find the event under : as well as

The event was produced by Super an der Spree, a creative, digital and campaigning agency.
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