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'A Guest of Frida Kahlo' – Hubertus SCHÜLER c/o KRISTINA KORB photographs the traditional mexican cuisine of chef Gabriela Castellanos

For the book ‘A Guest of Frida Kahlo’ – the unique official cookbook licensed by the Frida Kahlo Foundation – Hubertus SCHÜLER c/o KRISTINA KORB photographed the traditional Mexican cuisine of Swiss resident Gabriela Castellanos. Foodstyling by Stefan Mungenast.

“Frida Kahlo has served as a role model for generations of women worldwide through her work and ambitious pursuit of social change. She is one of the most frequently published women ever. Besides painting, she loved traditional Mexican cuisine and taking extended shopping trips to the farmer’s market of Coyoacán. Mole, tamales and enchiladas are among her favorite dishes. Her most famous mole poblano recipe, a chocolate-chili sauce, is hanging in the Frida Kahlo Museum in Mexico City today.

In 2010, the authentic Mexican cuisine made it onto Unesco’s list of intangible cultural heritage. It is among the most multifaceted, multilayered and exhilarating cuisines in the world – a title which not only spans the skillset and rich culinary depth required to prepare its dishes but also cultural and social values such as sustainability. The recipes, the way Frida Kahlo loved them, have rarely been described in German up until now. They often take a bit more time and more ingredients than the ‘Europeanized’ Mexican recipes common in this country. But the reward lies in the intensive taste experiences and flavors.

The most renowned Mexican chef Gabriela Castellanos, who like Frida Kahlo grew up in Oaxaca, is today the Chef de Cuisine of her own Mexican Restaurant in Switzerland and embarked on an exploration of Frida’s recipes. She masterfully preserves the original recipes and preparations while also showing alternatives for when ingredients or traditional cooking utensils are not readily available.” Becker Joeset Volk Publishing.

A Guest of Frida Kahlo Authentic Mexican dishes inspired by the icon Frida Kahlo . Author: Gabriela Castellanos, photographs by Hubertus Schüler . ISBN 978-3-95453-286-5 . 1st edition 2023, 192 pages, 113 photos, hardcover . L: 24 cm W: 19 cm . 32.00 EUR(D) incl. VAT, 32.90 EUR(A)

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