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news featured by GoSee FASHION DEICHMANN campaign ‘Love the Shoe. Love the Price’ – combines storytelling with fashion, staged with a modern signature by Jung von Matt SAGA

The new shoes of the latest DEICHMANN collection are an absolute must-have – and they feature in the confident storyline of a new fashion campaign entitledLove the Shoe. Love the Price’.

Have you ever seen a pair of shoes and thought to yourself: “I just have to have them!”? That’s the narrative of the new fashion campaign by DEICHMANN and Jung von Matt. It’s about an irresistible urge: some shoe fans would love to just tear them off their owner’s feet. Good thing the shoe models from DEICHMANN arouse precisely this kind of desire – but sold at such attractive prices that there’s really no need to resort to desperate measures at all… so, yeah: ‘Love the Shoe. Love the Price’.

The multifaceted campaign is interwoven with humorous elements, portraying women who can’t help but immediately want to own the object of their desire as soon as they see the trendiest Fall/Winter shoe styles – by any means possible, however unconventional they may be! It was directed by Ace Norton c/o...

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