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featured by GoSee FASHION : DEICHMANN campaign ‘Love the Shoe. Love the Price’ – combines storytelling with fashion, staged with a modern signature by Jung von Matt SAGA

The new shoes of the latest DEICHMANN collection are an absolute must-have – and they feature in the confident storyline of a new fashion campaign entitledLove the Shoe. Love the Price’.

Have you ever seen a pair of shoes and thought to yourself: “I just have to have them!”? That’s the narrative of the new fashion campaign by DEICHMANN and Jung von Matt. It’s about an irresistible urge: some shoe fans would love to just tear them off their owner’s feet. Good thing the shoe models from DEICHMANN arouse precisely this kind of desire – but sold at such attractive prices that there’s really no need to resort to desperate measures at all… so, yeah: ‘Love the Shoe. Love the Price’.

The multifaceted campaign is interwoven with humorous elements, portraying women who can’t help but immediately want to own the object of their desire as soon as they see the trendiest Fall/Winter shoe styles – by any means possible, however unconventional they may be! It was directed by Ace Norton c/o Represent Film, and the cast in front of the camera was made up of shoe aficionado Denise Adamo and Eleanor Griffiths wearing the shoes.

“We are excited to be working with JvM SAGA, and we love their bold, enthralling and surprising signature. We believe that powerful storytelling and a viable concept that packs a penetrative punch across all touchpoints will give the DEICHMANN brand the necessary visibility in this fiercely competitive market where making a big splash is crucial,” says Sabine Zantis, Chief Marketing Officer at DEICHMANN.

“Repositioning Europe’s No. 1 shoe retailer DEICHMANN strategically in order to win over new, younger and more fashion-savvy target groups is a wonderful challenge!,” says Dörte Spengler-Ahrens, Chief Creative Officer at JvM SAGA.

The first two campaigns of the product categories sneakers and combat boots are now appearing on TV, at the POS and across all social media channels. They consist of 30- and 20-second TVCs and cut downs, individual online and social media formats, POS assets and display banners.

Responsible at Jung von Matt : Dörte Spengler-Ahrens, Andreas Hilbig, Stephan Giest, Michael Wilde, Hannes Rath, Philipp Schättler, Anne-Marie Brandner, Franziska Krüger, Oscar Engelhardt, Jonas Lenger, Winfried Scheller, Martin Stöpel, Luca Schöbi, Lena Conze, Jakob Cassebaum, Dennis Wendt, Viktoria Dettke, and Katja Zyrull. Responsible at DEICHMANN: Sabine Zantis, Andreas Conze, Marcel Nawrath, Lukas Kaiser, Dennis Falk, Philip Burghaus, Olivia Simon, and Lea Penschek.

Jung von Matt is the most successful agency group in the German-speaking region when it comes to the awards it has received for both creativity and efficiency. DEICHMANN SE is the market leader in the area of European shoe retail and is active in 31 countries.
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UNIQUE & UNITED II: the brand sneaker campaign by DEICHMANN for more community and love by Director Valentin Petit, Photographer Nadia von Scotti and Exec. CD Marcel Nawrath on GoSee

In the sequel to UNIQUE & UNITED for S/S 2021, DEICHMANN has staged its brand sneakers (Adidas, Nike, Puma, Fila, Asics, and Reebok) in an emotional campaign, banking on a big slogan: ‘Together is better’. The Europe-wide campaign emphasizes what an important role the community plays. The 156-second campaign film was realized by Director Valentin Petit. The clear message: The world needs love more than ever. “It’s about failure, about soul-searching, and compassion. But also about being there for one another in difficult times, and the incredible strength we gain from it,” says Marcel Nawrath, Head of Marketing at DEICHMANN. The photographer was Nadia von SCOTTI c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN, and it was produced by NORTH SOUTH PRODUCTIONS.

“We would like to inspire courage with this campaign and give people a good feeling. We have all had our fair share of failure, and moments at rock bottom. When we are encouraged with a little positive feedback, we feel like everything is possible again. Team spirit and compassion are ultimately what unite us. This is what we want to show with UNIQUE & UNITED II,” says Marcel Nawrath.

The viewer sees different protagonists. What they have in common are their individual fears and worries. At the finale of the campaign film, the protagonists regain top performance with new strength and courage, full of determination to come together as a community. To do so, the classic film ‘What The World Needs Now Is Love’ by Hal David and Burt Bacharach has been re-interpreted with a modern twist.

Like its predecessor, UNIQUE & UNITED II was created in house from the idea by and under the creative direction of Marcel Nawrath, Head of Marketing at DEICHMANN. Nawrath particularly emphasizes the co-creation with Bemo Lundgren from B33M Studio : “I appreciate his work as a creative very much. The dialogue and cooperation with him has been an integral part of developing the campaign.” But also the individual street and agency cast of models, dancers, skaters, bikers, professional and extreme athletes underscores DEICHMANN’s commitment to its campaign claim: We are all unique & united.
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featured by ICONIC : Berlin resident Diana MOROZ c/o ICONIC on the job for shoe specialist DEICHMANN; we have two motifs for you on GoSee.NEWS

Harry Vorsteher photographed model Diana MOROZ c/o ICONIC for big player in shoe business DEICHMANN. She was styled by Susanne Marx, with hair & make-up by Petra Vorsteher. Editor: @martin_tinka aka Katharina Martin, Head of Fashion PR DEICHMANN.

Deichmann is the largest shoe retailer in Europe and is headquartered in Essen. And this is how the success story began : Heinrich Deichmann, born in 1888, opened a cobbler’s shop which he operated together with his wife Julie. Two generations and almost exactly a century later, the company slowly developed to become the market leader in Europe. Deichmann is meanwhile represented in thirty countries with 4,205 stores and employs around 42,962 people. To this day, Deichmann has remained a family business which believes in growing through its own resources. Stock issues and bank loans are out of the question for the proprietors. GoSee : deichmann.com
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