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featured by David Breun : DAVID BREUN : A wild ride through the Munich night with the BMW M4 / M8 Competition for the cover spread in the new RAMP MAG #57 – ‘Are You Crazy?’

DAVID BREUN photographed two BMW M models – the BMW M4 and BMW M8 Competition for RAMP magazine in Munich. Also part of it were Editor-in-Chief Michael Köckritz and Wladimir Kaminer. The topic of the new ramp #57 – Geht’s noch? Which is German for everything from an expression of annoyance like ‘Are you crazy?’ to a caring question such as ‘Can you keep going?’. We present you the dynamic visuals here on GoSee.

Wladimir Kaminer, German author and columnist of Soviet heritage, whose collections of short stories in ‘Military Music’ and ‘Russian Disco’ have made him famous even beyond the borders of Germany, published the essay ‘Herr Kaminer drives an M and thinks about things’ about taking a ride through the night for the magazine : “I met ramp Editor-in-Chief Michael in Munich. Waiting for us were a couple of beautiful cars. BMW M GmbH was celebrating its 50th anniversary and gave us two of the company’s gems for the super-super-super test, an M4 and an M8. Back then, 50 years ago, the engineers from BMW thought about how they could obtain an MOT approval for a race car. Which is, I guess, how the new brand M was created…”

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featured by by : RAMP.PICTURES BY RAMP.SPACE : ‘Another Day in Paradise’ Till Brönner photographs singer Alvaro Soler for RAMP STYLE No. 22

Music and photography. Right off the bat the first time ramp Chief Editor Michael Köckritz met up with photographer and musician Till Brönner, it was clear : This was going to be a real jam session. The two have enjoyed working together again and again ever since. Their latest collaboration has now taken place for ramp style #22 entitled ‘Me, for myself’, for which Till Brönner portrayed Spanish-German pop singer Álvaro Soler, who resides in Berlin, for the cover story.

One studio, two exceptional musicians, one of which a really good photographer. And then, Álvaro Soler and Till Brönner discover this Porsche 911 Targa, in this shade of orange. “Mr. Soler, you moved to Tokyo with your parents at the age of ten, studied Engineering in Barcelona, laid down a shooting star career as a musician, and have stood on stage with Jennifer Lopez in Las Vegas. So let’s start with a simple question : What did you actually want to be when you were a child? … The complete interview with Editor Wiebke Brauer is available via RAMP STYLE.
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