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news featured by David Breun DAVID BREUN : A wild ride through the Munich night with the BMW M4 / M8 Competition for the cover spread in the new RAMP MAG #57 – ‘Are You Crazy?’

DAVID BREUN photographed two BMW M models – the BMW M4 and BMW M8 Competition for RAMP magazine in Munich. Also part of it were Editor-in-Chief Michael Köckritz and Wladimir Kaminer. The topic of the new ramp #57 – Geht’s noch? Which is German for everything from an expression of annoyance like ‘Are you crazy?’ to a caring question such as ‘Can you keep going?’. We present you the dynamic visuals here on GoSee.

Wladimir Kaminer, German author and columnist of Soviet heritage, whose collections of short stories in ‘Military Music’ and ‘Russian Disco’ have made him famous even beyond the borders of Germany, published the essay ‘Herr Kaminer drives an M and thinks about things’ about taking a ride through the night for the magazine : “I met ramp Editor-in-Chief Michael in Munich. Waiting for us were a couple of beautiful cars. BMW M GmbH was celebrating its 50th anniversary and gave us two of the company’s gems for the super-super-super test, an M4 and an M8. Back then, 50 years ago,...

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