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Bespoke New Zealand (and Australian) backplates for Automotive CGI Campaigns.

Landscape · Stock Agency · Transportation
Australia, New Zealand
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news NEW at GoSee : NZONDEMAND, bespoke New Zealand (and Australian) backplates for automotive CGI campaigns; dreamlike mountain roads, landscapes, architecture and cityscapes in pixel-perfect resolution and color depth for advertising, automotive industry and CGI

“Drive your creative vision without even leaving your desk. Discover the raw drama and wonder of New Zealand (and Australia).” That’s the slogan of the new backplate agency and GoSee NEW entry NZONDEMAND – short for New Zealand on demand – which was founded by internationally successful car photographer STEPHAN ROMER. Stephan has been living in New Zealand for several years where he photographs global campaigns on location for brands and automotive companies.

Breathtaking landscapes, memorable streets and thrilling architecture for advertising and the automotive industry are used to visualize products or, in marketing, as backgrounds for isolated objects. The high-res backplates are used in CGI projects where they provide a realistic background for 3D video animations. The backplates are also used in large format poster ads and at trade fairs. And original landscapes, cityscapes and unusual perspectives can, of course, also be used for editorial purposes.

“International multiple...

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