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news featured by Claudia Bitzer CLAUDIA BITZER Christian Schmidt photographs for the KulturLegi program of Caritas Switzerland and Serviceplan Suisse from a bird’s eye view – tight budget & complete program

With its program ‘KulturLegi’, Caritas Switzerland enables people with a tight budget to also take part in cultural life. CHRISTIAN SCHMIDT c/o CLAUDIA BITZER teamed up with ServicePlan to photograph five motifs, in which he points out the various aspects of this offer. All photographed from a bird’s eye view, the motifs show people visiting a museum, doing sports or in a concert hall. In each motif, one person is highlighted who is able to benefit from the offer thanks to KulturLegi.

The particular photographic challenge for Christian was finding a camera position in the interior that still allowed enough distance and a sufficient resolution. He solved the problem with a twelve-meter tripod which enabled him to control how he shot richly detailed photos. In charge of putting on the final touches in post was RECOM.

Responsible at Caritas: Desirée Germann (Marketing Executive), Isabelle Nold (Branch Director KulturLegi); Responsible at Serviceplan Suisse: Raul Serrat (Executive...

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