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featured by Nina Klein : ‘YOU ARE THE REVOLUTION’ – the 11th Essence from the NINA KLEIN creative manifesto ‘AWARENESS IS FIRE’

#11 YOU ARE THE REVOLUTION is the title of Essence #11 from the creative manifesto ‘AWARENESS IS FIRE’ of HMS agency NINA KLEIN : “We need the inner revolution again and again. Once we become followers, we enter into a state that keeps us prisoner of our own complacency and stops us from developing further. We need a revolution therefore regularly against ourselves and what we have previously accomplished. Taking the golden mean and sticking to the status quo is our creative death sentence. The deconstruction of the here and now is the very foundation for a further developed future and thus a key element of a creative process.”

Nina Klein on her manifesto, which she has developed in close cooperation with Axl Jansen and Nicole Hardt : “I would like to commemorate our 20 year agency anniversary with 20 essences. They have shaped my work ethic and will continue to guide me and my environment into the future.

To continuously re-ignite the fire that drives authentic and successful creation. To discover the individual core of being and differences of each and every one of us, to be empowered by what we do and inspire ourselves and others.

This has been my daily motivation, my inner fire ever since I founded my agency for visagists and stylists (1999) and also as a business coach.” GoSee :
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