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news featured by David Maurer Where are you B-boys? – we present you DAVID MAURER’s filmed portrait with B-boy REZA in the lead role

Breakdancing, breaking, B-boying, or B-girling, is a dance form that originally emerged on the street as part of the hip-hop movement among African-American youth in Manhattan and the southern Bronx in New York in the early 1970s. It is danced to pop, funk or hip-hop music, we learn on Wikipedia.

B-boying is everything I’ve got … On the integrative power of dancing, DAVID MAURER shot the film presented here with B-boy Reza, a member of the Funky Harlekinz crew founded in 2004. Reza came to Germany as a refugee at the age of nineteen, to the city of Giessen to be exact. It took him five years to speak the language fluently. A time in which B-boying kept him grounded. When he’s dancing, he can be himself, free at last, just Reza. We have the two-minute spot by Director David Maurer for you on GoSee.

David Maurer went into business for himself – following several and quite extensive travels – in 2008 as a photographer and director in the areas of transportation, people, architecture and...

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