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news featured by Matthias Aletsee For all businesses. And every job. - MATTHIAS ALETSEE photographs MERCEDES-BENZ VANS for Wire Communication

“The best vans should receive the best service. And the best service, in turn, should get the best shoot,” the agency Wire Communication tells us, who are responsible for developing motifs and perspectives for MERCEDES-BENZ VANS for international use. Also staged for the global market alongside fifteen services were the transporter and electric transporter.

MATTHIAS ALETSEE was commissioned to realize the motifs, and production was in the hands of We love artbuying. Created were a total of 30 motifs and designed assets for the B2B target group. This means no less than 61 markets worldwide to which this artwork is made available.

“32 models, 9 vehicles, 14 locations and 11 days of shooting were necessary in order to stage the entire breadth and depth of the B2B services: from body repairs to Van Uptime digital vehicle diagnostics.” Wire Communication.

Mercedes-Benz Vans is the business unit of Mercedes-Benz AG for the van operations of the brand Mercedes-Benz. The unit has been headed...

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