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featured by MARKUS MUELLER : ‘Turn Executives into Leaders of the Pack’ – MARKUS MUELLER shoots husky whisperer Hendrik Stachnau for the LEXWARE ‘Dreams’ campaign

The LEXWARE brand campaign ‘Dreams’ by the agency Reinsclassen is entering the next round. On TV, in print and across all relevant social media channels, the word is now : “If you have big dreams, you need someone who has your back. For finances, taxes and accounting.”

The testimonials for it were protagonists with very special dreams : wrestling promoter Jazzy Gabert, everyone’s favorite falconer Achim Häfner, and last, but not least, mental coach Hendrik Stachnau presented here. He was photographed by MARKUS MUELLER in cooperation with WE LOVE artbuying.

Up north in icy cold Sweden, Markus Mueller shot the new motif for LEXWARE. The protagonist this time: extreme athlete and husky whisperer Hendrik Stachnau. The dream of the mental coach? Turning executives into leaders of the pack.

Already as a child, Hendrik was fascinated with huskies and their special social behavior. After numerous sled dog championships, Hendrik is using his extreme experiences for his coaching seminars to open new perspectives for executives. He leads them deliberately onto thin ice, in the middle of the wilderness, to show them what team leadership truly means.

As a mental and business coach, he is living his dream: Turning executives into leaders of the pack. Annoying chores like accounting are yesterday’s news for him – because he has someone who has his back.

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featured by hille photographers : Gary ENGEL c/o HILLE PHOTOGRAPHERS photographs SPORT Fashion 2020 with Art Director Niels Buschke c/o Santiago Design

Gary ENGEL c/o HILLE PHOTOGRAPHERS photographed SPORT Fashion 2020 with Art Director Niels Buschke c/o Santiago Design. The motifs were styled by Gesa Mähler. On set for hair & make-up was Nini NIELSOM c/o NINA KLEIN AGENCY. Production was in the hands of We Love Artbuying, and on location by GoSee PREMIUM member PRINZ PRODUCTIONS.
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featured by NERGER M&O : 100 Years SILIT – Jan KORNSTAEDT c/o NERGER M&O celebrates with the cooking experts on commission for the agency Eberle

Jan KORNSTAEDT c/o NERGER M&O photographed the key visual and was also responsible for the animation on the occasion of the ‘100 Years SILIT’ Anniversary, for which he was commissioned by the agency Eberle from Schwäbisch-Gmünd with AD Anna-Maria Weiss. The campaign was produced by We love Art Buying with Sandra Bürkle. Silit-Werke GmbH & Co. KG, a German manufacturer of cookware headquartered in Riedlingen an der Donau, is part of the WMF Group.

WMF : “Over the last 100 years, cooking has changed and has long been about much more than just the preparation of food. Today, cooking makes us feel alive; it’s all about culinary delight, dedication, but also relaxation, health and diversity. Whether at the stove or at the table: Cooking brings people together giving us a greater understanding of what we eat, nutrition and various cooking techniques at the same time. We are proud to be a part of this development. Which we are now celebrating. We’re celebrating 100 years of passion and the spirit of innovation. We’re celebrating 100 years of enjoying what we do, and perhaps we’re celebrating ourselves a little, too.”

The agency Eberle on its concept: “Since 1920, Silit has been a manufacturer of high-quality cookware Made in Germany, and the company has invented innovations such as the Sicomatic® pressure cooker or the functional ceramic Silargan® to revolutionize cooking over the course of its 100-year history. For the 100th anniversary, we developed a flexible, eye-catching communication concept which can be used across to a wide range of measures. For the key visual we created for the Silit 100-year anniversary, we break with the imagery of accurately arranged ingredients above the cookware and instead let them fall dynamically into the pot – befitting of the festive occasion. For the catalogue, we designed several introductory double spreads, with background information and matching graphics for the respective type of product to loosen up the content. To accompany it, we also designed specialist shop ads which present further product innovations and pick up on the look of the key visuals.” Post production was in the hands of Marius Schwiegk. GoSee :
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