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How to get that GLOW, girl! TANJA HAERING films a commercial for ONE TWO FREE – SKIN CARE for DOUGLAS and Tempomedia Compressed

DOP Tanja HAERING teamed up with Director Jonas Feldmann to realize a commercial for ONE TWO FREE skincare products for DOUGLAS. In a fresh studio set in soft pastels, the camerawoman staged the products and models with a young and fresh look.

Production was taken care of by Tempomedia Compressed with Art Director Julian Scheinkönig (makeup: Julika Leiendecker, hair & makeup: Jane Jakobi, set design: Nici Theuerkauf, producer: Daniel Morias dos Santos Bruss).

3-STEP FACE CARE. ONE TWO FREE is a clean beauty face care line with fermented ingredients for glowing & beautiful skin. Through the fermentation process that takes quite some time, the ingredients and what’s in them are broken down into super small molecules, making them easier to absorb and allowing them to penetrate deeply into the skin. The Hydra Gel, for example, supplies the skin with moisture and makes it silky smooth with fermented Japanese apricot, pear and desertica.

Tanja Häring studied camera at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg followed by camera work for several feature films. In 2014, she received the Deutsche Kamerapreis (German Camera Award) and has focused most recently on music videos and commercials.
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HAERING shoots two fashion films for ‘SEE BY CHLOÉ’ and ZALANDO with dynamic color compositions and effects in the Uckermark

For ZALANDO, DOP Tanja HAERING realized two fashion films for ‘See by Chloé’ in the Uckermark, a stretch of land adorned by impressive national parks and nature reserves. Chloé stands for feminine romanticism and timeless beauty. Which was also the goal to express in the films (Art Director: Alejandra Peralta, styling: Saskia Schmidt, hair & make-up: Theo Schnürer, set design: Ania Witko).

Tanja on the production: “Producer Laura Howes was already familiar with the Uckermark Studio + Location. As much as possible was supposed to take place outdoors in nature, but we had real April weather on the day of the shoot, and we had to keep going back into the studio. I personally found the multi-varied color-blocks of the collection and the fluttering fabrics quite fascinating. An experimental use of long exposure times resulted in wonderfully dynamic color compositions and effects. Filming, cutting and color correction of the two films were done by me.”

As the second line of French couture house Chloé, SEE BY Chloé is the first address for handbags and accessories with dreamy Bohemian chic. The designer pieces are marked by master craftsmanship and manufactured according to ambitious criteria. The brand is also committed to supporting the advancement of women, advocating against inequalities and in favor of diversity and inclusion. Fairer trade and ethical production enable the brand to create luxurious collections which protect the environment and treat human resources respectfully.
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SPOTIFY RADAR featuring Spanish reggaeton star QUEVEDO – a short documentary with various musicians, filmed with DOP TANJA HAERING in Gran Canaria

TANJA HAERING realized a short documentary as DOP for SPOTIFY on the island of Gran Canaria. We have the trailer, documentary and photos from the accompanying campaign here on GoSee.

Since it was introduced in 2020, RADAR has served as Spotify’s program for aspiring artists all over the world and helps support new artists and launch them onto the global music stage. And now, RADAR Global presents up-and-coming reggaeton star Quevedo. The 21-year-old from Gran Canaria emerged in 2020 with his single ‘En Reformas’. His sound – a blend of hip hop and Latin-American rhythms inspired by his childhood on the Canary Islands – became popular among fans around the world, and he has meanwhile accumulated more than 9.7 million listeners on Spotify. He made his breakthrough with his single ‘Cayó la noche’ (remix) which brought the once underground artist Quevedo into the limelight – it hit No. 1 in Spotify’s Daily Top Songs chart in Spain.

The short documentary gives fans a glimpse at his roots and his musical journey. As a RADAR artist, Quevedo worked on a shoot with SPOTIFY on the Canary Islands. The campaign was shown among other places on Times Square in New York City.

Tanja on the production: “Thanks for being part of this amazing crew. There’s hardly anything I can imagine that could be as much fun as shooting on the island of Gran Canaria with a lot of awesome talent.”

Spotify RADAR featuring QUEVEDO, artists : @quevedo.pd @linton_gc @lapanterabby @juseph.k @jaderr_ @edu.artiles @izakbdp @end.yel, production : LANDIA @LANDIA, director : Adrian Arredondo @aaarredondo , 1AD : Laura @ouch_laura, DoP : Tanja Häring @haering.tanja, Producer : Leonie Pokutta @mona.stereo, Yadira Avalos @yadiraavalos.
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