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featured by One Hundred Berlin : ‘That’s what I call tasty vegan’ - the new KATJES campaign relies on post production by ONE HUNDRED BERLIN

Janine Sametzky photographed the ‘That’s what I call tasty vegan’ campaign presented here on GoSee for the global player KATJES. Katjes Fassin GmbH & Co. KG is a confectionary company from Emmerich on the Rhine, which mainly manufactures licorice and fruit gums.

The executive agency was antoni, and post production was in the hands of ONE HUNDRED BERLIN.

Advertised on a meadow with an alpaca and a perky protagonist is the latest product innovation ‘Peace & Love’ fruit gums from Katjes. Idea and realization of the campaign came from Antoni Jellyhouse. The special unit of the Berlin-based agency group Antoni was founded in 2018 exclusively for Katjes.

The success story of Katjes began in Sicily in the year 1910. The family company – which is owned 90% by Bastian Fassin and 10% by Tobias Bachmüller –  has since grown to become one of the three largest companies in the German confectionary market. Katjes only sells products that are vegan and vegetarian. Since 1988, Katjes is the first confectionary company to not use artificial colors of any kind. They have been replaced by fruit juices, fruit pulp and pigments in fruit and plant concentrate.

GoSee :

Finishing One Hundred Berlin
Agency Antoni
Production Tempomedia
Executive Producer: Tim Reinfarth
Producer Anna Bsmnt, Artemis Krull and Marion Dopfer

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featured by Claudia Bitzer : CLAUDIA BITZER : Tim Adorf photographs the new BMW X3 for SERVICEPLAN, a first selection of photos for you on GoSee.NEWS

Tim ADORF c/o CLAUDIA BITZER photographed the new BMW X3 during a film shoot with Serviceplan, Tempomedia and TWENTYFOUR-7 Productions. We present you the first photos from the production spanning several weeks here on GoSee.

Claudia Bitzer : “Tim Adorf photographs what fascinates him most. Which is why his portfolio reflects this interest in inspiring personalities, thrilling sports, beautiful cars, good music and unique landscapes accordingly. Following his training as a photographer, he worked with renowned photographers as a photo assistant for seven years, supporting large-scale photo productions and learning all facets of advertising photography.”

The BMW X3 is a compact SUV from BMW which has been produced since fall 2003. The latest series of the X3 was first built only at the plant in Spartanburg County (South Carolina), but is meanwhile also manufactured in South Africa and China. Since 2019, the BMW X3 has also been offered for the first time as the BMW X3 M model, and the battery-electric iX3 based on the third generation was launched on 14 Jul, 2020. GoSee : &
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featured by GoSee EVENT : ‘Abolish Section 219a’ – a plea for more freedom of information : Grey Germany joins forces with TERRE DES FEMMES, supported by achtung!; we have the long-overdue campaign ‘Abolish Section 219a’ for you on GoSee.NEWS

Section 219a of the German criminal code (StGB) literally prohibits “Advertising for the termination of pregnancy”. But the section is not only limited to advertising but also includes information of any kind. In concrete terms : Doctors are only permitted to publicly announce that they perform abortions. They are not, however, permitted to provide procedural information to the public. Otherwise, they make themselves liable to prosecution. If convicted, they face a prison sentence of up to two years or have to pay a fine.

For this reason, TERRE DES FEMMES has launched the campaign ‘Abolish Section 219a’ in order to make a significant contribution to education on abortion. The unambiguous goal : Section 219a has to be removed from the German criminal code.

“The freedom of women for us goes hand in hand with their freedom of choice with regard to terminating a pregnancy. With this campaign, we not only want Section 219a to be repealed, we also want all women to have access to competent professional information on abortion,” says Christa Stolle, Executive Director and board member of TERRE DES FEMMES.

The heart of the campaign is the website, on which TERRES DES FEMMES has been collecting and publishing all relevant information since 20 April on the topic of abortion, which doctors are not permitted to make publicly available according to existing legislation.

Information is available for download in different formats on the website so that anyone can distribute it to the women affected and other interested parties, e.g. through social media channels. It contains emotional radio ads and viral films in which non-experts, such as Berlin restaurateur Billy Wagner (Nobelhart & Schmutzig), presenter Melissa Khalaj (currently The Voice Kids), actor Max Koch (Helen Dorn), or automotive mechatronics engineer Patrick Schirmer, share valuable information on abortion in support of the campaign to show how insane and misogynistic Section 219a is. These spots highlight the absurdity that any non-professional is allowed to share information, while many doctors cannot.

The idea and creative realization of the campaign and its components came from Grey Hamburg. The campaign mechanics were developed, and the campaign appeal was spread through PR and social media influencers in cooperation with the agencies achtung! and achtung!Alive.

The spots were produced by Tempomedia Filmproduktion under the direction of Sergej Moya, and post was taken care of by Deli Pictures. The campaign kicked off with the broadcast of the radio ad. The radio ads are built around the same creative vision as the films and have already won Silver at this year’s Radio Advertising Awards. They were produced by German Wahnsinn.

Kerstin Correll (ECD Grey Hamburg) illustrates why such a comprehensive and engaging campaign has evolved from a first creative vision : “It is absolutely absurd that access to expert information is still made more difficult because of completely outdated legislation from the darkest period of our nation. TERRE DES FEMMES wants to actively contribute to the abolition of Section 219a and provide access to information. Which is why our campaign cannot be satisfied with a mere appeal. Each individual campaign component is driven by a unambiguous call to action. Anyone, and I mean anyone, should be able to join in so that this creative campaign can become a real movement.” Precisely this call to action is already being effectively communicated with the support of our partner achtung!, through engaging PR measures and the activation of influencers.

General practitioner Kristina Hänel is among the campaign’s prominent supporters. The 64-year-old has been affected personally by the section’s severe consequences : She was convicted, despite an appeal to the Frankfurt Higher Regional Court, for providing information on abortion procedures on her website. Shortly afterward, she submitted an appeal on constitutional grounds, and the case is now pending before the German Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe.

Kristina Hänel is conducting her court battle with an appeal to the public : “I believe that it is important that everyone has the opportunity to provide information and education on abortion. Women thinking about the matter often find themselves in an emotional emergency. Access to reliable information would be of great importance to them.”

All background information, the latest campaign material (also for download) for social ambassadors, as well as the links to the films and radio ads are available online. GoSee :

About – TERRE DES FEMMES, Menschenrechte für die Frau e.V. is a non-profit human rights organization which advocates an equal and self-determined life in liberty for girls and women worldwide. Through effective publicity, publications, events, campaigns, and lobby work, TERRE DES FEMMES raises public and political awareness of gender-based violence and discrimination. TERRE DES FEMMES was founded in 1981 and is funded through donations, member fees and grants. Its federal office is located in Berlin. GoSee :
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