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news featured by David Maurer Ready for a power upgrade? The new POLO GTI with a global launch campaign by DAVID MAURER for DDB Voltage and Volkswagen AG

The new Polo GTI shows what’s possible. With sharp design highlights and innovative features that elevate performance and driving pleasure to an entirely new level. For DDB Voltage, DAVID MAURER realized the global campaign for the launch of the POLO GTI. Creative responsibility was in the hands of Creative Director Christof Deutscher and ADs Heitor Buchalla, Nina Martinelli, Luca Banchelli, Chiara Chessa, and Adam Smith.

G–T–I. Placed more prominently than ever. Enough to turn heads. Gran Turismo Injection : The magic of three words standing for extraordinary performance and a sporty driving experience – and one distinctive global brand. Atmospheric lighting showcases a revamped POLO GTI shot exclusively for VOLKSWAGEN’s global campaign launch.

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