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featured by SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN : ‘Tasha – There’ – personal work by Kathrin LEISCH c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN, three motifs for you on GoSee.News

“These images speak for what is not always visible in an image, the second layer, which makes the image, and the personal point of view is added by a third person seeing it – the license to see.

Details, first seem irrelevant but give you something to think about, so you can find your own story. It might not be something visible, it’s rather a feeling, a moment, a brief look, a tiny movement, a sequence. The very present absence of an image that makes the actual image.” – Kathrin LEISCH c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN.

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featured by Daniel Hartz : Sportier than ever before – DANIEL HARTZ photographs the AUDI S4

The new and even sportier version of the AUDI S4 was photographed by Daniel Hartz against a thrilling architectural backdrop : “The architecture of the location was chosen to underscore the sculpted athletic design of the Audi S4, and the nature of the building with its rusty surface is meant to provide a graphic contrast to the thoroughly designed vehicle.” transportation specialist Daniel Hartz tells GoSee.

The future at Audi is also 100% digital. And with it, of course, the premium mobility experience of the future : “Sign up now for an appointment to receive a live online consultation. The Audi dealership employee who is booked for consulting will take you along into the Audi S4 sedan via smart glasses and explain all of the optional features.”

Also part of the shoot was male model Anton from M4 models Berlin, who was styled by Elena von Schlenk.

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