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Blog: Burger King: Whopper Diamond by Grabarz & Partner & Soup Film supporting the LGBTQ+ community - Love is love is love

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To celebrate Pride month, Burger King Germany has debuted the “Whopper Diamond,” jewels crafted from the ashes of its signature offering. The diamonds adorn a pair of bespoke wedding rings for a homosexual couple, Dima and Alvar, whom Burger King brought to Germany so they could get married. The pair hails from Eastern Europe, and one of them is from a country where same-sex marriage is illegal and there are no anti-discrimination laws protecting homosexuals. The idea is tied to Burger King’s long-running tagline, “Have it your way.” 

“Guests are free to choose how they enjoy their Whopper in any country — whether with onions or an extra portion of cheese, the choice is theirs,” said director of marketing at Burger King Deutschland, Klaus Schmäing. “Together with Dima and Alvar, we would now like to show that every person should have the opportunity to freely decide. Especially when it comes to love.”
MOVIE // Burger King: Whopper Diamond by Grabarz & Partner & Soup Film


Director: The Dons
DOP: Adrian Kuchenreuther
Production: Soup Film
Advertising Agency: Grabarz & Partner
Editing: Rain Kencana & David Fabra

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