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‘Incredible Comes from Within’ – LOOPING GROUP and ASUS kick off a global campaign for ZENBOOKS and accompany light artist Reuben Wu on the Canary Islands – plus LOOPING GROUP is coming to UPDATE

With a global campaign, Looping Group is kicking off communication measures for the ASUS ZENBOOK. At the heart of the campaign is a three-minute documentary which follows light artist Reuben Wu at work on the Canary Islands. The core of his craft are what is referred to as Aeroglyphs: light illustrations drawn in real landscapes using light-equipped drones, photographed with long exposure techniques. Embracing the claim ‘Incredible Comes from Within’, the film showcases the extraordinary technical capabilities of the ASUS ZENBOOK.

‘Incredible Comes from Within’ is more than just a claim. It is a call that’s perfect for our day and age. A call that inspires and gives courage. Creativity has the power to make our world a little bit better,” Dominik Anweiler, Chief Creative Officer of Looping Group, explains.

Reuben Wu says about the project on Instagram: “My whole motivation in making art is to engage the viewer and pose questions about what you see, about who we are, and about existence itself. I’m excited to share a project with #ASUS that took me to the volcanic island of Gran Canaria in the Atlantic Ocean where I had a week-long adventure exploring dramatic landscapes, tracing the path of stars, battling inclement weather and racing against time to capture one final incredible moment. In a world which has been documented so well, I feel that my own exploration now takes on a more personal, more metaphorical nature. Listening to these inner voices has changed the course of my life and has given it deeper meaning. I now pay less attention to exterior forces, and listen more inwardly, because incredible comes from within.”

Reuben Wu is a visual artist and music producer. He is a co-founder of the band Ladytron, he has released six acclaimed albums and has written and produced music for Christina Aguilera and remixed for others such as Nine Inch Nails and Blondie. Touring is what brought him to photography, which grew from a hobby into the career it is today. Reuben lives in Chicago, and his work takes him to all corners of the globe. His artwork is centered on journey and discovery, paired with his love for new technology and the opportunities it brings to modern storytelling.

The global campaign was conceived in the London office of the Looping Group and was realized with an international team from the Netherlands, the UK and Germany. It is launching worldwide on TV and in movie theaters as well as on social media.

We are delighted to welcome several of the creatives and art producers from the LOOPING GROUP Berlin and Munich at UPDATE on 25 May in Berlin.

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featured by Stefan Eisele Postproduction : The HYUNDAI i30 N campaign for Innocean Worldwide Europe – post-produced by STEFAN EISELE POSTPRODUCTION

Agility and performance taken to the next level – the HYUNDAI i30 N campaign was photographed by MARC AND DAVID for the agency Innocean Worldwide Europe. The sports car model had its public premiere at the IAA in Frankfurt am Main in September 2017. The enhanced i30 N was presented in September 2020.

And Hyundai almost guarantees you will have fun driving : “You thought your grin couldn’t get any wider? Think again: Our high-performance star HYUNDAI i30 N is now even stronger, sharper and more agile. For instance, the new 8-speed wet dual-clutch transmission (N DCT) enables exciting N Performance Shift functions, such as the N Grin Shift which gives drivers 20 seconds of maximum engine and DTC performance at the push of a button. Any questions?”

The campaign was post-produced by STEFAN EISELE POSTPRODUCTION.

We gladly quote Hyundai again : “It has always been a full-blooded sports car from top to bottom – and we have now enhanced the design of the i30 N even more. Nice looking? Sure, but also when it comes to performance: Details such as large air intakes on the front spoiler or the extremely light 19-inch forged alloy wheels help to improve performance and handling – for even more driving pleasure!”

The Hyundai Motor Company, (HMC; 현대 자동차 / ‘modern automobiles’) a South Korean automobile manufacturer of the Hyundai Motor Group, was founded in 1967 by Chung Ju-yung.

GoSee : hyundai.de//i30-nstefaneisele.de
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featured by ANDREA HEBERGER : ‘Ancient Eastern Philosophy. Nordic Design Principles.’ – Mikkel ADSBOL c/o ANDREA HEBERGER photographs the new SHAMBALLA JEWELS collection

“For more than a decade, we have united the philosophy of East Asia with Nordic design traditions to create exclusive creations, for men and women around the world, that are more than just valuable materials; jewelry that takes you on a very special journey into the universe of SHAMBALLA JEWELS, and allows you to experience the magic and energy behind creating personal treasures through endless combinations of diamonds and precious stones.”

Each SHAMBALLA® design is created in sublime materials of 18K gold, diamonds, pearls and precious stones, all of which are selected based on their quality and natural beauty, and can be combined crosswise as desired.

Mikkel ADSBOL c/o ANDREA HEBERGER photographed the new collection for Danish jewelry manufacturer SHAMBALL JEWELS.

The company was founded by Mads & Mikkel Kornerup, two brothers who both had a burning desire to inspire men to wear exclusive jewelry with a relaxed attitude. And they have done just that since the beginning in 2005.

GoSee : shamballajewels.comandreaheberger.de
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