Nils ODIER c/o Agent Bauer

Additional Info // about Nils ODIER

Upcoming Nils Odier is fashion personalized. He is widely renowned for his way of unfolding splendid and characteristic qualities out of fabrics and textures. Nils has got a special eye for drama and always presents items of clothing in a dynamic way. If the perfect image is at stake, for Nils it’s always worth the hassle and he is passionately striving to find the ultimate location, model and crew every time. Nils is a true artist and his incredibly positive mind is another of his trademarks. Lately Nils also has expanded into the territory of beauty.

Nils Odier, born in Genenva 1971, has been into fashion since his twenties. A well traveled man Nils is always generous with fascinating stories from his large network.