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news ‘Ideas Come at Night’ – an exhibition at the Swedish Institute in Paris presents around 20 works, both new and previously seen, by Erik Johansson c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO through the end of April

Erik Johansson’s photographs whisk us away to a world where reality meets the absurd. His dreamlike images are visual enigmas which play with the viewer’s perception and often reference important issues. In his two new works, ‘October 13th’ and ‘Head in the Cloud’, Erik once again transforms our ordinary world into surreal scenes. Unlike traditional photography, he does not capture moments, but instead captures ideas with the help of his camera and imagination. His self-proclaimed aim is to “capture a story in a single frame and to make it look as realistic as possible.”

“From 18 February through 24 April, 2022, my new exhibition ‘Ideas Come at Night’ is on display at the Swedish Institute in Paris, France. It contains twelve large artworks and six smaller works together with a collection of about 160 sketches of my work from previous and upcoming projects. The exhibition is built around a center room containing a bed and lightbulbs illuminating the small inner room. The walls in...

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