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news Stockholm-based representation AGENT MOLLY & CO presents photographer and CGI artist Sven PRIM on GoSee.NEWS

Stockholm-based representation AGENT MOLLY & CO presents photographer and CGI artist Sven PRIM on GoSee.NEWS with a trailer and artwork. Molly : “Sven describes himself as a real technology geek who loves to create strange and surreal situations. Something clearly visible in his created images, which he personally describes as ‘manipulated pictures with a twist’. He is equally skilled as a photographer and retoucher, and discovered the fantastic opportunity early on that post production can present for creating an extra dimension in images.”

Some think that the truth in photos is sacrificed to some extent in post production. Sven Prim does not agree : “The concept of truth is completely subjective. I believe that a picture is always manipulated, regardless of how it is taken. When the photographer chooses the time and place to snap a picture, the truth is already being bent. I am very upfront about how my pictures are created.” The trailer presented here certainly seems to prove him...

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