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Stockholm-based representation AGENT MOLLY & CO presents photographer and CGI artist Sven PRIM on GoSee.NEWS

Stockholm-based representation AGENT MOLLY & CO presents photographer and CGI artist Sven PRIM on GoSee.NEWS with a trailer and artwork. Molly : “Sven describes himself as a real technology geek who loves to create strange and surreal situations. Something clearly visible in his created images, which he personally describes as ‘manipulated pictures with a twist’. He is equally skilled as a photographer and retoucher, and discovered the fantastic opportunity early on that post production can present for creating an extra dimension in images.”

Some think that the truth in photos is sacrificed to some extent in post production. Sven Prim does not agree : “The concept of truth is completely subjective. I believe that a picture is always manipulated, regardless of how it is taken. When the photographer chooses the time and place to snap a picture, the truth is already being bent. I am very upfront about how my pictures are created.” The trailer presented here certainly seems to prove him right.

The story behind the trailer : On an April evening in 2004, a brutal robbery took place on a secluded farm in the small village of Kalamark in Norrbotten. The police quickly suspected 41-year-old Kaj Linna, a salesman who had previously conducted business with the victims. After Kaj Linna was taken into police custody in Wales while fleeing, he was sentenced to life imprisonment due to his refusal to cooperate.

More than a year after the verdict, criminal reporter Stefan Lisinski started to investigate the case upon receiving a tip. The longer his investigation continued, the stranger everything seemed to him. Is it really true that Kaj Linna committed the murder? And if he is indeed innocent, how can he prove it?

‘Taking a Life’ is a dizzying account in the best sense of true crime. It is a story about sub-standard police work, public prosecutors blinded by the demand for a speedy trial, and how the persistent work of a journalist has ultimately led to an innocent man being set free after spending thirteen years behind bars. Following the acquittal of Kaj Linna, the question still remains: Who is the real killer?

STORYTEL offers 300,000 audiobooks and e-books: “Listen and read whenever and wherever you like. Without time limits.” GoSee : storytel.comstorytel.com///books/fallet-Kaj-Linnaagentmolly.com
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'A universe full of color, energy, humor and irony' BERTONE STUDIO c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO with animations for MINI CARS and TOMMY HILFIGER, packaging and a colorful portfolio between Pop-Surrealism and Neo-Expressionism on GoSee

BERTONE STUDIO from Madrid is now represented by AGENTMOLLY & CO. Behind the duo are Eduardo Bertone from Argentina and Michiyo Sato from Japan. Their colorful works of art combine their heritage and the cultural diversity discovered on their travels. Their style is somewhere between psychedelic pop-surrealism, doodling and neo-expressionism. Their recognizable urban art aesthetic is reflected across a multitude of forms, including complex media, small simple drawings, print, animation, advertising, editorial and packaging.

Among their clients are Dacia, Hachette, Orange Consulting, Honda, Skittles, Nestlé, Carrefour, Mini Cars, Smart cars, Hewlett-Packard, Unilever, Eristoff, Toronto Life Magazine… and they work with agencies such as Leo Burnett, McCann, Y&R, DDB, Publicis, W+K, TBWA… Their work also appears in Illustration Now! (Taschen), AI-AP (NY) and Best 200 Illustrators 2009 (Lürzer’s Archive).

Stockholm-based Agent Molly & Co was founded in 2002 by Molly Karlberg and Sara Sinnby. Right from the start, our guiding principles have been focus, ambition and commitment. We enjoy great success, representing some of Sweden’s most innovative photographers, illustrators and stylists, working within both the Swedish and international markets.
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Set designer LINNEA APELQVIST c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO on the job for the TELENOR Sverige campaign for the agency Nord DDB

LINNEA APELQVIST c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO took care of set design for the TELENOR campaign, which was shot by Swedish photographer Marcus Palmqvist. The Norwegian company was founded in 1855 and held the monopoly on communication services for private customers in Norway until 1998. Telenor is meanwhile represented in several other countries today with 33,000 employees worldwide, around 4500 of which in Norway. With 150 million customers, Telenor is one of the largest mobile communication providers all over the world. We present you the moving images for telephone company TELENOR Sverige and Nord DDB here on GoSee : telenor.no

About - Linnea Apelqvist’s main passion is still life. Her work is always concept-driven and she describes her style as playful, humoristic and surreal. She thrives when exploring the juxtaposition between different objects and dimensions. “In my view, the best creative solutions are often born out of constraint. Strictness creates a sense of freedom.” Linnea has lived and worked in London for 22 years where she also received a BA in Set Design from the prestigious University of the Arts London. Today, Linnea has returned to Sweden, but continues to work in both countries.

About - Nord DDB. Yes, both NORD and DDB. We are 350 people in four countries, all sharing the same goal: Breaking brands into pop culture. We get there by being open - open to fresh perspectives, different personalities, collaboration, cultural change, new tech and new thinking. GoSee : nordddb.com
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