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‘Flower Sculptures’ – an ongoing series by still life expert Stephan ABRY c/o AK/KRUSE published in SALON MAGAZINE

Anne Petersen, the Editor of SALON magazine, was fascinated by Stephan’s ‘Flower Sculptures’, an ongoing project he collaborates on with stylist Kirsten Schmidt. She asked both artists to recreate the sculptures with fine jewelry and watches for the new Winter issue at Stephan’s studio in Hamburg. We present you the “meditation with jewelry” – as the journalist refers to it – here on GoSee.

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HERMÈS brings a touch of Paris to London with a pop-up magazine kiosk on Soho Square - mood photos by Clara NEBELING c/o AK/KRUSE

In mid-October, HERMÈS celebrated the latest issue of the magazine Le Monde d‘Hermès (No. 81 Fall/Winter 2022) with the opening of a pop-up kiosk on Soho Square. Painted in Hermès Orange and printed in 3D with recycled plastic, the general public was invited to get their own free copy of the publication at their neighborhood kiosk – to explore “creativity, curiosity and diversity in the world of Hermès” on its pages. The Hermés kiosk, echoing the classic newsstands of Paris, welcomed guests into the Monde d’Hermès Universe in London. Clara NEBELING c/o AK/KRUSE portrayed the joyful atmosphere before guests arrived.

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BIRKENSTOCK ‘Big Buckle’ campaign by Ulrike RINDERMANN c/o AK/KRUSE on GoSee

In Berlin, Ulrike RINDERMANN c/o AK/KRUSE photographed the BIRKENSTOCK ‘Big Buckle’ campaign. 

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