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Excerpt of an Interview...
Factory 311 caught up with the multi-talented ALEXIS ZURFLÜH to discuss various topics from how he chooses who to work with down to his plans and hopes for the future. Working between Munich and Zürich they also touch on how he manages to balance his personal work with business and how he finds living between two cities.

Q. You seem to be covering several bases - photography, illustration, design, typography?
A. Basically I have enjoyed an education in graphic design and that is what I still do. I love creativity and handicraft, which is why I consider myself a contemporary graphic designer, unafraid of working with different types of media.

Q. Is it difficult to work between two bases - Munich and Zürich?
A. Not at all. I have friends in both cities, that are not that far apart. In fact, it is only about four and a half hours by train. I´m always traveling by train, so there is no waste of time, meaning I can keep working during the journey.

Q. Do you find much time to work on your personal projects?
A. I already do not know how to handle all upcoming projects, so for personal projects involving painting and basically anything without a deadline, there is currently no time at all. The good thing about this situation, however, is that I consider most of my work personal projects anyway.
Even if they are intended for commercial purposes, I am trying to bring as much passion into these projects as possible in order to make them feel as if they were private ones.

Q. Finally, what plans and hopes do you have for the future?
A. Above all: Earning money doing great projects. But I also intend to work fewer hours as the last few months have been highly stressful.