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featured by Rockenfeller & Göbels : HP ‘Work Better’ campaign – photographed by Jochen MANZ c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS for AKQA, Germany

For everyone who loves freedom – ‘Work Better’ is the campaign designed to get German companies on board with new HP technologies. HP returns on a tour of the working world changed by the pandemic to its characteristic character Markus. Anchored again with a 60-second TVC, this year’s campaign expands the story from focussing on changes to possibilities, drawing on cultural insights, humor, and rich storytelling. And shows us : The world is the new office.

The campaign was photographed for the agency AKQA by Jochen MANZ c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS. Production was in the hands of Anorak Film, Berlin.

As a character, Markus serves as a creative mirror, reflecting elements of German culture, mindset, and values to speak directly to the local audience. Through Markus, HP Germany has been able to connect with the German target group. And likewise, the character helps them to connect even better with the brand.

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Advertising Agency: AKQA, Berlin, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Jake Cooper
Creative Director: Gabrielle Soria
Senior Creative: André Blanco
Senior Art Director: Eduardo Rodarte
Copywriter: Res Matthys, Niklas Scholz
Motion Designer: Christian Detken
Senior Account Manager: Markus Biesenbach
Associate Project Manager: Rasmus Johansson
Senior Strategist: Alexi Gunner
Production Company: Anorak Film GmbH
Director: Bernd Fass
DOP: Jens Spöri
Edit: Oliver Don
Executive Producer: Tobias Steinhauser
Producer: Franko Melisch
Music Production: Thomas Berlin / 48K
Sound Design: Denis Elmaci
Photographer: Jochen Manz
Image Retouching: 617digital

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