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news featured by Double T Photographers ‘BETTER TODAY THAN NEW BACK IN THE DAY.’ – Alexander BABIC c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS photographs the relaunch of the KAFFEE MASCHINE website, motorcycles custom-made in Hamburg

Modern, state-of-the-art technology is combined at Kaffeemaschine Motorcycles with decades of experience. Original used vehicles are completely disassembled to design and build an entirely new motorcycle with a modified chassis and drivetrain.

All individual components required are precisely and intricately crafted by hand with a combination of traditional techniques and cutting-edge CAD methods : “We use only the finest quality materials, and each part, down to the last screw, is given a surface finish. More than 1000 hours of labor are invested in the creation of a Kaffeemaschine motorbike, which is then meticulously examined and road-tested before receiving official road approval.”

Alexander BABIC c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS photographed the relaunch of the KAFFEE-MASCHINE website, motorcycles custom-made in Hamburg.

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