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About Alina Gross

Alina Gross is a photo artist and art director from Germany who lives between Düsseldorf and Berlin.
She publishes her work international: Vogue Portugal, Vogue Singapore, and Allure Korea already published her works.
She has worked with the Vagina Museum in London and is represented by Trunk Archive in New York.

Her work is shown in solo and group exhibitions: Riga Biennale for Photography 2021, Photovogue Festival in Milan 2018, Queer Archive Festival in Athens 2022 and 2022 at the exhibition "New Femininity" in Lisbon.
At the Beauty Gosee Award 2022 she won silver and her work was represented on the Update Berlin 2022.


Clients of Alina Gross

Vogue Portugal
Vogue Singapore
Vogue Germany
Vogue Italia
Allure Korea
Infringe Magazine
Mirror Mirror Magazine
Nakid Magazine

Gucci Beauty