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ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT : Welcome to the agency Dimitri Newman, still life photographer based in Los Angeles !

New at representation ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT is the equally experienced and adept still life specialist Dimitri NEWMAN. Born in Texas, he lives and works in Los Angeles for clients such as Adidas, Byrdie, The Body Shop, Goop… just to name a few. We have a first PORTFOLIO for you on GoSee.NEWS.

Alyssa Pizer is delighted to introduce you to her artists personally at her booth at UPDATE-22-BERLIN.

GoSee : alyssapizer.com & UPDATE.Salon
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NEW entry at the representation ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT, Los Angeles : Welcome aboard Adam Moran, Lifestyle & Sports, Los Angeles

NEW at photographer representation ALYSSA PIZER : Photographer Adam Moran, known among other things as a chronicler of recently resigned snowboard legend Shaun White, an American snow- and skateboarder who won gold on the halfpipe at the Winter Olympics in 2006, 2010 and 2018. Shaun White is also an avid entrepreneur and actor.

Adam Moran : “Hard to believe it’s finally coming to an end, but not a single medal or moment can define a career this big. Snowboarding will only ever have one @shaunwhite. No matter how many parents hope their kid will be the next, they won’t. Shaun helped grow the industry with him, shouldered the media (good and bad) of multiple generations of riders, and constantly progressed the sport every day he rode.

I remember our meetings before the Silverton project and the tricks he wanted and how determined he was to get them. At times, I had trouble understanding his competitiveness until I accepted we were just wired differently, and that’s not a bad thing. But thanks for everything you’ve done @shaunwhite. It was a wild ride that went five times longer than most athlete’s careers. I’m fortunate I got to ride shotgun on a lot of the craziness and document it while creating lifelong friendships with so many people that were in our crew. It helped push my photo skills while you pushed your riding, so thanks again for that. Hard to believe it’s over, but you’ve gone out on top. Can’t wait to see what’s next. Can we do that book now?”

What Adam tends to think about himself ? “I grew up skating/snowboarding, worked and shot for Burton Snowboards for thirteen years before working for myself. I’m originally from New England, live in Los Angeles, but shoot anywhere needed around the world. I truly love what I do and just want to make it fun for everyone while creating great shots. I’ve been fortunate to spend a majority of my adult life shooting campaigns, and the world’s best athletes, for top brands.”

And we wouldn’t want to leave out his following, not entirely serious statements : “My wife is the best. World’s best dad according to my daughter Mabel. My dog is the laziest. I like to joke and talk shit over coffee, and at work. I’m addicted to chap stick, never leave home without it. I drive with the heat seaters and air conditioning on at the same time.”

We have a first portfolio for you here on GoSee.NEWS.

GoSee : alyssapizer.com
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ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT : A warm welcome to Caitlin Mitchell, photographer from Brooklyn

The representation ALYSSA PIZER, Los Angeles, is delighted to welcome NEW entry Caitlin Mitchell : “Caitlin grew up in an A-frame log cabin in Alaska. Her father gifted her his 35mm Pentax, and her love for image making began. After receiving her Communication degree from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, Caitlin moved to New York City. She assisted for several big names and traveled the world working on major productions.

She currently collaborates, focused on wellness, with clients in the areas of advertising, editorial, celebrity and beauty. Her work has been described as emotionally arousing, evocative and sensual, while her style of photographing has been noted for her studio lighting, use of natural light, as well as her documentary approach to fashion photography.”

Caitlin lives in Brooklyn at the moment with her Italian partner and their five children : two stepchildren, one baby and two overweight cats entirely in love with themselves by the names of Mojo and Banksy.
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