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Chapter Two : ‘HELEN’ - personal work photographed by ANNTHEO

For the Anntheo duo, it was off to the beautiful Uckermark in northeastern Brandenburg with the Audi A6 Quattro Avant. In front of the camera stood Sebastian Gäbel c/o Deebeephunky. Styling: Doreen Regel c/o basics berlin.
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ANNTHEO presents the BMW M135-i in CHAPTER ONE with elegant and stylish imagery on GoSee.NEWS

BMW M135-i in CHAPTER ONE, only this time equally elegant and understated… plus plenty of charisma. “Also, and above all, thanks to fantastic model Tatiana Chechetova,” photographer and director duo ANNTHEO tells GoSee. Russian beauty Tatiana has proudly called Berlin her home for quite some time. Her styling was taken care of by Doreen REGEL c/o BASICS BERLIN. Hair & make-up: NATALIA SOBOLEVA c/o LIGANORD. GoSee : anntheo.com
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‘BURNING MAN’ – the new spot by creative duo ANNTHEO for you on GoSee.NEWS

The duo ANNTHEO is demonstrating once again with their new film ‘Burning Man’ that the sky is the only limit to their creative bandwidth – a visually stunning 55 seconds full of emotion, passion and velocity with Sebastian Gäbel in lead role. The song was contributed by Grammy-nominated artist ensemble The String Theory, who toured with no less than José González.

The String Theory, founded in 2006, is an international artist collective, which offers composers, artists, musicians and visual artists from different countries a creative, joint-venture production platform.

Anntheo is the mutual liftoff of the two seasoned photographers – Markus Mueller and Michael Nager – as a creative director team into a new dimension of their visual world. Anntheo tells stories with film and photos.
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