Armin Zogbaum

Advertising · Beauty · Stills
Berlin, Zurich

Armin Zogbaum

Advertising · Beauty · Stills

DE, Berlin Berlin, Zurich


Photography is much more than simply capturing a moment. The interplay between the creative process and refined craftsmanship marks the meeting point between the captured moment and emotion – creating a precise document of real life or depicting surreal new worlds. In the work of Armin Z ...moregbaum we often see both at the same time.

The Swiss photographer has been refining his art of 'elegant staging' for over two decades, and his work is in demand all over the world. Armin Zogbaum has created campaigns for premium brands including Estée Lauder, Davidoff and Nespresso and has also featured in many editorials in leading magazines such as AD – Architectural Digest, L’Officiel Hommes and Vogue Italia. His subjects have ranged from accessories, fashion, high jewellery and fine watchmaking to beauty and cosmetics, haute cuisine and interiors.

Armin Zogbaum gained fame for his remarkable still life images: Photographic narratives that give the viewer a completely new perspective on objects and forms. He plays with our perceptions – at times with subtly humorous intimations.

At an early stage in his career, Armin Zogbaum gathered a wealth of international experience and was active as a stylist for food and interiors all over the world. During a commission in Bali he discovered the photographic possibilities of the large-format camera and subsequently shifted his professional focus solely to his photographic work.

For many years now he has been regularly commuting between Zurich, Milan, Berlin Moscow, Paris and New York. This allows him to combine his two great passions in life: photography and travel. And although this gives him great independence, it also demands great flexibility. In contrast to many photographers, who are often tied to their studios, Armin Zogbaum creates his works in many different countries, working with diverse teams under constantly changing conditions.

His eye for detail and perfectionism in combination with his innate ability to improvise are what give Armin Zogbaum's images their extraordinary atmosphere. Most of his images are based on his richly imaginative sketches and wide-ranging experience as a stylist.

In addition to the still life genre, Armin Zogbaum is currently expanding his portfolio to include portraits and is also working on a special art project that will be presented at the photographer's first large solo exhibition. Armin Zogbaum: "I am fascinated by the human body and the countless possibilities of portraying it."  (show less)