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ART ACT / Eva Witt-Braedt

aka Illustratorenrepäsentanz c/o Claudia Schönhals

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news ‘I am fascinated by making decisions during the creative process that influence my artistic outcome.’ - new spacial experiences with tape artwork : Tape Artist ATAU is now c/o ART ACT

Illustration 3.0. ART ACT presents an extremely innovative, creative, modern and fascinating new entry here on GoSee : A warm welcome to Tape Artist ATAU!

Atau lives in Berlin and uses tape to create wonderful artwork, installations, shop window designs and murals which can be seen the world over in galleries, exhibitions and at events. What fascinates him most is to create new spacial experiences using tape artwork while interacting with the characteristics of a given room in order to reshape interior and exterior spaces.

What fascinates you about tape art? “The versatility lies in rethinking. Tape art always challenges you to think abstractly; it gives you fascinating possibilities that painters can only dream of. For example, taping very long lines that are perfectly straight or fine geometric shapes that would be difficult to achieve with a brush. The basics of tape art are easy to learn, and there are not many techniques, yet the possibilities are almost limitless.”

“In my...

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