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ART ACT / Eva Witt-Braedt

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news Sketches and a look back at Herbert Grönemeyer’s album ‘Mensch’ – with illustrations for the book by Kathrin FUNCKE c/o ART ACT

How was the album ‘Mensch’ made? Which ingredients, people and moments contributed to it? We present you the wonderful book project on the creation of the album ‘Mensch’ by musician, actor and poet Herbert Grönemeyer, illustrated by Katrin FUNCKE c/o ART ACT. The idea as well as the text for the book came from Arezu Weitholz. A must for all Grönemeyer fans and simply a pleasure to leaf through it.

Where do melodies come from? Where does it all start? “It all begins with the sound of a friend’s voice,” says Herbert Grönemeyer. In 2000, he started working on his album ‘Mensch’ in London, which hit number one upon release and stayed in the charts for 96 weeks. The author and contemporary witness Arezu Weitholz followed the creative process behind the album close up as a text dramatic advisor for text and embarks on a search for information with this book. A book which grants insight into precisely this creative process telling the story of a very special artist in a special life...

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