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Vita & Exhibitions
Vita Viktoria graduated in 2014  from Georg-Simon-Ohm University of Applied Science in Nuremberg with a bachelor's degree in illustration. She interned at and worked together with Klub7 artist collective. 2019 she founded the design collective The Boys Club in Berlin, Neukölln together with 5 creatives. She has been freelancing ever since. 
  Exhibitons 11/2019 Exhibition with Georgia Treloar at Two Planets, Berlin
06/2019 Group exhibition for 48h Neukölln at The Boys Club, Berlin
08/2017 Group exhibition at Galerie Eisdiele, Nuremberg
06/2016 Exhibition at NeuZwei Neukölln, Berlin
05/2016 ShowUsYourType-Submission at Typo Talks, Berlin
05/2016 ShowUsYourType-Submission at Kulturspace's exhibition at The Secret Garden, Berlin
11/2015 vickykristinaberlin launch and exhibition
07/2014 Sommerkollektion 2014 at Quelle Nuremberg
02/2014 Bachelor exhibition at Georg-Simon-Ohm University of Applied Science
10/2013 Salon Regina GoHo 2013 Nuremberg
07/2013 Sommerkollektion 2013 at Quelle Nuremberg
06/2013 Designer's Night 6 at Georg-Simon-Ohm University of Applied Science
08/2012 Mitte Soundbar Nuremberg
07/2012 Designer's Night 5 at Georg-Simon-Ohm University of Applied Science