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GOSEE LOVES : Sandra Rocha ‘Le moindre souffle’ – a melancholy observation of people in harmony with nature, on display at GALERIE LES FILLES DU CALVAIRE in Paris

Following a first large-scale presentation at the CPIF (Centre Photographique d’Ile-de-France), the gallery Les filles du calvaire is delighted to present ‘Le moindre souffle’ by Sandra Rocha. The photos were created by the artist in the heart of her native Azores, a Portuguese island group where she was born in 1974. Sandra Rocha puts man in his natural environment and the ties of community forged between all living creatures at the heart of her new composition. For the exhibition title – in English, the ‘the softest breath’, she draws her inspiration from Ovid, E. Coccia and J.-C. Bailly.

Sandra Rocha takes a poetic approach in her photographs, associating for the most part female figures with the four elements, places and objects. Her photos radiate a soft melancholy, deal with the fragility and beauty of the Earth as well as explore the differentness, equality and the divide between humans and other living creatures.

Fannie Escoulen on the work: “The comforting landscapes she calls into being – which seem to have been taken straight from the Garden of Eden – invite bodies like celestial apparitions to commune with Mother Nature, nature whose lush vegetation seems to protect these beings who are totally at one with the elements. Using image sequences, she portrays symbolic micro narratives that reflect our state of mind and our suffering. How can we live with our identity, our sexuality and our femininity? How can we understand these people who look like us, but who are also strangers?

In the distance, we can hear the ancient song of the Metamorphoses. We can see Narcissus endeavoring to find a person who he thinks is separate, but who is in fact a part of him, or rather is him. We can see Actaeon being transformed into a stag by Diana, and Hermaphroditus losing his identity as his body merges into that of the nymph Salmacis. And to this multitude of mythologies, each of which contains the many meanders of life itself, Sandra Rocha provides continuity, a hymn to the beauty of the world and its agitations, sung with the living breath of the chorus of life itself.”

Sandra Rocha has also joined Perrine Géliot to be part of the first duo of the Arts Mentorship Program of Pernod Ricard. Their mutual work is on display as part of the Photography Festival in Arles from 4 July – 25 September, 2022.

Sandra Rocha ‘Le moindre souffle’
Exhibition from 5 to 30 July 2022
17 rue des filles du Calvaire 75003 PARIS
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This is not a suitcase – A Selection of Photobooks from Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2021/22 on an exhibition tour of Iran

The historical city Kashan, located at the edge of the desert three highway hours south of Tehran, has developed over the past years into an impressive new hub of international photography in Iran – whose size and significance remains almost entirely unknown in Germany.

In old historical buildings, no less than three houses for contemporary art have been established: House of Steve in 2019 with iconic photos by Magnum photographer Steve McCurry, the gallery house Hasht Cheshmeh Art Space in a former silk factory as an exhibition space for young art, and then House of Lucie, which opened in spring 2022 with nearly 600 photographs by more than 150 female and male photographers.

The House of Lucie is one of the most important photographic institutions of the southern hemisphere. Currently under development in Kashan despite difficult conditions due to US sanctions are two further museums for contemporary art as well as Persian calligraphy owned by Iranian-British art collector Homa Zarabi, who already donated her art book collection to the city years ago in the form of a public library. All three projects are under the executive of Hassan and Hossein Rowshanbakht.

mohit.art : “With ‘This Is Not a Suitcase’, Khaneye-Ma Art Residency and Baten Art Gallery were the third and fourth venues in Iran to show ‘A Selection of Photo Books from Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2021/22’ – the award was already established around 50 years ago as a tribute to the important role of the medium photo book. The suitcase will continue to travel to Padiav Home, Yazd, and possibly further cities in Iran. mohit.art is honored by the invitation of Hasht Cheshmeh Art Space, Kashan; Emkan Gallery, Tehran; Khaneye_Ma Art Residency, Kerman; Baten Art Gallery, Sirjan; and Padiav Home, Yazd, to present photo books from Germany and Europe in Iran.”

The two Rowshanbakht brothers, born 1991 in Kashan, studied architecture and photography, and have worked since 2017 as temporary lecturers, curators and architecture developers in Kashan and Tehran. In cooperation with mohit.art and Emkan Gallery Teheran, they exhibited a selection from Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2021/22  in Kashan in December, 2021. The exhibition is currently touring further Iranian cities.

Deutscher Fotobuchpreis has existed since 1975 as an annual competition and has been organized by the Stuttgart Media University since 2017. Out of more than 200 submissions from German-language publishing companies and as of recently also projects published by artists themselves, a top-notch jury chooses the best books to award. Since 2011, the award-winning photo books have been displayed as part of a special exhibition at the Cologne Photography Forum.

Dr. Bernd Fechner, photo expert and cultural manager, is the initiator of mohit.art together with Hannah Jacobi. It is a transnational network which creates platforms to show projects of contemporary art from Iran and Germany in addition to neighboring countries in the Middle East and throughout Europe.

This Is Not a Suitcase – A Selection of Photo Books from Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2021/22
presented by mohit.art and Khaneye_Ma Art Residency, Kerman, in cooperation with Baten Art Gallery, Sirjan, and Padiav Home, Yazd.

The exhibition is on display at Padiav Home, Yazd, 24 June – 1 July, 2022 – Address: No. 26, First Alley, Imam Husayni Alley, Hoseyniyan Alley, Imam St., Yazd, Iran.

Past exhibitions:
13 – 26 May, 2022 at Khaneye_Ma Art Residency, Kerman
27 May – 2 June, 2022 at Baten Art Gallery, Sirjan

GoSee : mohit.art
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featured by Edition Lammerhuber : The Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo is NORTHBOUND! in 2022 – for the fifth time, EDITION LAMMERHUBER is bringing the largest outdoor photo festival in Europe to Baden near Vienna from 9 June to 16 October, 2022

Themed upon NORDWÄRTS!, or ‘northbound’, the outdoor photography festival is dedicated in 2022 to the northern European region of Scandinavia. In a gigantic open-air gallery – featuring 150 large-format photographs in 28 exhibitions along a length of seven kilometers – several of the world’s greatest photographers from the far north are showcasing their fascinating imagery in the parks, gardens and city center of Baden : “With their vast array of photographic approaches – some exploring the harshness of their environment, others the complexity of our modern developments – they do share a common perspective, blended with poetry, a touch of surrealism here and there, but always with the intention of sharpening consciousness for a better understanding of the world of tomorrow,” according to the festival.

NORDWÄRTS! is an opportunity to highlight the creative intuition of artists from northern Europe who have maintained a special connection to the harshness of their homeland ever since the beginnings of photography. For the inhabitants of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, solitude and the wildness of nature are an essential part of their relationship with the world.

It is, therefore, not surprising that the countries of the north with their economical stability are among the most comfortable nations in which one could possibly live. Paralyzed regularly by frost and cold temperatures, while accustomed to the outdoors, they have developed a centuries-old tradition of political consensus, requiring the disapproval of conflict and the promotion of social development based on the strict preservation of natural resources.

So it’s quite clear how a Swedish teenager like Greta Thunberg was predestined to become the new voice of climate change for the youth of the world: She knows that melting glaciers and icebergs are not all too far from home and that it is all by no means an illusion.

The artists who grant us a very special glimpse of Scandinavia are: Sune Jonsson, Pentti Sammallahti, Tiina Itkonen, Ragnar Axelsson, Tine Poppe, Sanna Kannisto, Erik Johansson, Helena Blomquist, Jonas Bendiksen, Jonathan Nächstrand, and Olivier Morin.

In the second narrative of the festival, two exceptional photographers shed light on the state of our environment: ‘This empty World’ by Nick Brandt is an impressive illustration of a world in which animals, overwhelmed by unbridled human development, have barely enough space to survive. And Mathias Depardon presents in ‘The Tears of the Tigris’ impressive photos of the slow throes of a dying river.

For the first time this year, the festival has a particular focus on female Austrian photographers: Magnum photographer Inge Morath, the doyenne of Austrian photography, Christine de Grancy, and young artist Verena Andrea Prenner with ‘Camping’, a photo project about the unacceptable situation of life in refugee camps.

Lower Austria – constituted as a separate province in 1920 is turning 100-years-old. To celebrate the occasion, Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo is honoring its home country with two special works depicting how life was back then in old picture postcards … alongside the work by the only 20-year-old artist Gregor Schörg about the region of wilderness in the Dürrenstein-Lassing Valley and the beauty of untouched nature in one of the largest primeval forests in Central Europe.

The festival catalog NORDWÄRTS! has been published by Edition Lammerhuber. German/English; 17 x 23 cm; 272 pages; 123 photos, soft cover; 24.00 euros.

GoSee :  edition.lammerhuber.at//nordwaerts
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