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featured by UPFRONT Photo & Film : Ding Yi individualizes the PORSCHE Taycan Turbo S with a work of art - photos by Simon PUSCHMANN c/o UPFRONT for Saatchi & Saatchi China

For more than 30 years, Chinese artist Ding Yi has been drawing one motif : crosses. His pictures are hanging in museums, galleries, and in the homes of private collectors – and one will soon be driving the streets of Shanghai. Created as part of PORSCHE’s special wish program is an inspiring vehicle based on the Taycan Turbo S. Both on the exterior body and the interior of the sport sedan are excerpts from Ding Yi’s ‘Appearance of Crosses 2022-2’.

Simon PUSCHMANN c/o UPFRONT photographed a blue stand-in car; the exact same model as the actual art car in a set designed by him. The set was built and the pictures were taken in a studio in Shanghai. His colleague Richard Monning later shot the actual art car in Stuttgart and transferred the design elements (the crosses by artist Ding Yi) and the wheels to his car. He was also in charge of post production and finalized his set using CGI.

Ding Yio, born in 1962 in Shanghai, is one of the leading abstract artists of our times. Since 1988, Ding Yi has been using the visual symbols x and + in his paintings. Over the past 30 years, he has experimented with several forms of expression. Ding Yi has reflected on urbanisation with concrete art and attempted to express more emotions from a macro perspective. Ding Yi’s works are purchased by renowned museums such as the Centre Pompidou (Paris), the M+ Museum (Hong Kong) or the British Museum (London) (source: Porsche).

Client: Porsche (China) Motors Limited, agency: Saatchi & Saatchi China, production: MotoProduction China, photography and set design: Simon Puschmann, additional photography, CGI and post production: Richard Monning

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featured by UPDATE SALON : Doors open today! UPDATE-23-BERLIN ! We’ll see you on Thursday, 25 May, at Telegraphenamt, Berlin Mitte

It’s time : Exhibitors from around the world are on their way to Berlin. From South Africa and Los Angeles, from Mexico and Stockholm, from Warsaw and Paris, from London and Vienna, … Suitcases are being packed everywhere, artwork is being loaded onto computers, giveaways tucked away. We know what we’re talking about – we’re doing the same. The excitement is growing, the anticipation is great.

A little reminder : online registration closes on Tuesday. If you decide to come at the spur of the moment and your business card says AD, CD, client or marketing, art producing or art buying on it – then you can stop by our UPDATE spontaneously.

Awaiting creative visitors are a good 60 agencies. We hope to see you all in Berlin.

UPDATE . 25 May, 2023 . Hotel Telegraphenamt . Doors open at 12 noon . UPDATE.Salon
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ARTDIVISION in charge of post production & CGI for the PORSCHE Heritage Design Package Classic – the 911 Turbo S Convertible with the flair of the late 60s

The PORSCHE Heritage Design Package Classic – 911 Turbo S Convertible brings back some of that late 60s flair. Richard Monning photographed the vehicles with the premium equipment package in the studio, and backgrounds were realized via CGI. ARTDIVISION took care of post production & CGI.

“The 60s are back. And not just for owners of the 911 Sport Classic, but for many 911 enthusiasts. Because with the optional Heritage Design Package Classic, the unforgettable aesthetic of the Swinging 60s is revived in many of the 911 body designs. Among the style-defining elements of the interior package are many features also found in the 911 Sport Classic, including the two-tone leather interior in Black/Classic Cognac (semi-aniline leather) as well as the houndstooth fabric, a legendary design that adorns the seats and door mirrors. Also included is the classic layout of the cockpit dials,” says PORSCHE … “So you can immerse yourself in the style of the era when the first 911 conquered the boulevards of the world.”
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