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Avenger Photographers / Sylvia Weinmann

Photo Agency · Producer · Photo Prod
München, Stuttgart
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news Stylist & Designer Jana ZABARSKA c/o AVENGER PHOTOGRAPHERS – the latest addition to the agency’s beauty & styling department

New at AVENGER is Jana ZABARSKA, who communicates and creates with clothing. As a state certified fashion graphic artist and designer, she has built a very solid foundation for her job as a stylist – from pattern-making to sewing and photographing, retouching and layouting, she learned everything she needs to turn a piece of fabric into an image campaign or a fashion spread. Words to live by for her: “If there's a will, there’s a way” – with tissue paper, staples and pins, she creates truly miraculous pieces in the shortest of time. After more than ten years in the styling business, she knows precisely which pose and which perspective will make the item of clothing shine best.

Born in Kiev, she has lived in Nuremberg, New York and Rome, before choosing Munich as the residence for herself and her family. Jana fluently speaks English, Italian, Russian and German, and can be booked as a stylist worldwide.

A small selection from her client list: Aigner, Amazon, Ana Alcazar, Andechser...

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