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Vera Segova for the Fall issue of MAX magazine – photographed by Dirk BADER c/o AVENGER PHOTOGRAPHERS

Dirk BADER c/o AVENGER PHOTOGRAPHERS presents his new editorial for the Fall issue of MAX magazine with Vera Segova, ballet dancer at the Bavarian State Ballet, in the lead role.

Vera Segova received her dance education at the Waganowa Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia. During her training, she already performed on stage with the ballet ensemble of the Mariinski Theater and toured through Lithuania and Japan in 2015. She also attended summer courses in Paris and Finland. Vera Segova joined the Bavarian State Ballet in the 2016/2017 season as a corps de ballet dancer. With the beginning of the 2019/20 season, she was promoted to soloist.

Bavarian State Ballet in Munich was formed in 1990 as an independent ballet company of the ensemble of the Bavarian State Opera. Founder Konstanze Vernon directed the company through 1997 and was succeeded by German-Czech dancer Ivan Liška (until 2016). Since August 2016, Igor Selenski has directed the ensemble. GoSee : staatsoper.de/staatsballettavenger-photographers.com
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All the right answers – the filmed interview with fashion photographer Dirk BADER c/o AVENGER PHOTOGRAPHERS for you on GoSee.NEWS

AVENGER PHOTOGRAPHERS presents you the interview format they produced featuring Dirk Bader. The internationally active fashion photographer does a round of Q&A on topics such as private photography, useless talents, the value of a photo, photographic emphasis… Watch the relaxed and interesting interview on GoSee.NEWS.
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‘Say NO to first lines and large pores’ – the EUCERIN Hyaluron Filler campaign in film and photos plus the beauty portfolio ‘Soft Glow’ by Julia KELTSCH c/o AVENGER PHOTOGRAPHERS, both for you on GoSee.NEWS

Julia KELTSCH c/o AVENGER PHOTOGRAPHERS was booked both as photographer and director for the Hyaluron Filler campaign for EUCERIN. We present you one of the social media spots created including motifs.

Eucerin HYALURON FILLER serum concentrate is an intensive anti-wrinkle serum to be used in combination with daily anti-age care. The serum combines the long-chain with the 40 times smaller, short-chain hyaluronic acid for the targeted care of aging skin. Eucerin, the expert for hyaluron in the pharmacy, offers more than only Hyaluron: HYALURONplus. HYALURONplus combines the advantages of hyaluronic acid with further effective ingredients and offers moisture and wrinkle fillers as well as the highly effective plus for each individual skincare need. For younger looking and radiantly beautiful skin – starting with the first wrinkle.

The series is comprised of day and night skincare for different skin types, as well as serums (including an innovative vitamin C booster, nighttime exfoliator & serum, facial oils, eye care products and CC creams). Clinical and dermatological studies have confirmed the extremely good skin friendliness and effectiveness of all skin care products..

Plus, Julia Keltsch presents her new hair spread ‘Soft Glow’. Also accompanied by a short social media film. GoSee : eucerin.deavenger-photographers.com
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