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featured by RECOM GmbH & Co. KG : ‘U.F.O. - Unidentified Female Object’ - RECOM & Monica Menez in the TOP20 of the GoSeeAWARDS ‘23

While people elsewhere are still bickering about how shamelessly AI is pushing out photography, several artists have long started trying out the creative possibilities this new technology – like every other technology before it – brings with it. And the fact that photographer, director and, not lastly, artist Monica Menez is at the vanguard somehow doesn’t surprise us at all.

For her spread ‘U.F.O. – Unidentified Female Object’, she closely collaborated with Thorsten Jasper Weese c/o RECOM both on the concept and realizing it. We would love to tell you who the beautiful model of the creative spread was – but we were unfortunately unable to identify her so far.

Monica’s work made it into the TOP20 of the GoSeeAWARDS ‘23 – and left some 400 submissions behind her on the way. Rightly so, … here at GoSee, we have been fans of the proud Stuttgarter for ages.

GoSee : monicamenez.de & recom.de
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featured by RECOM GmbH & Co. KG : BRONZE at the GoseeAwards ‘23 – we congratulate RECOM, Fashion Editor Yilmaz Aktepe and Director & Photographer Ralph Mecke on the uber-deserved TOP3 position

Multilayered, timeless, nuanced … the GoSeeAWARDS spread just goes to show once more how remarkably photographer and director Ralph Mecke masters his craft. And the congenial stylist and Fashion Editor at his side like so often : Yilmaz Aktepe. Yilmaz elevates fashion to an art form. It is never random and never banal. It transforms rooms into sceneries. And these are subsequently dissected by Ralph Mecke and masterfully captured with the camera.

On board for post production of the spread was RECOM, who absolutely see themselves, who could blame them, as a fine art partner of their clients. Thanks to years of experience in all areas – advertising, food, art, fashion, and moving images – there’s hardly a motif they aren’t skilled in post-producing so artistically that the quintessence of the image alone seems to magically attract the attention of viewers.

“We would like to congratulate Yilmaz Aktepe, Ralph Mecke and RECOM on winning BRONZE at our GoseeAwards 2023. For us – as we have said so often – all 20 finalists are winners : because, ultimately, the AWARDS are all about the high-quality viewing of our jury, which was outstanding again in 2023. It was particularly wonderful to see how many jurors personally attended UPDATE-23-BERLIN. We’re already looking forward to 2024 !” Cyrus C. Halabian, GoSee.News & UPDATE.Salon.

By the way, RECOM was also on the shortlist of finalists this year together with artist Monica Menez.

GoSee : recom.de
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‘How to manage the impossible – AI vs human imagination’ – the AI project by Linda Schaeffler thrills the GoSeeAWARDS 2023 Jury and is rewarded with Gold

Linda Schaeffler is a photographer, art directrice and DOP from Berlin with a focus on sustainability, female energy, futurism & transformation : “For me, design means finding answers to the questions of our time. As an art director, I conceive and communicate ideas, and as a photographer & DOP, I give them a visual expression.” 

How openly the creative approaches the topic of AI is demonstrated in her elaborately detailed series, for which she received by far the most votes at the GoSeeAWARDS and thus won Gold.

“‘How to manage the impossible – AI vs human imagination’ – Will we grow up in a world with AI? How does it change our perception and our creative work as photographers and creatives? As we continue to live and evolve in this world, we must confront the reality that our future is uncertain, and that our relationship with AI will play a significant role in shaping that future.

We must also come to terms with the fact that the world we inherit will be shaped by the choices we make today, and that we must make wise decisions about how to integrate AI into our lives in a way that serves the greater good. This is the challenge of humanity in the age of post-humanism, where the lines between human and machine are becoming increasingly blurred. It is up to us to ensure that AI is developed and deployed in ways that are ethical, responsible, and ultimately beneficial for all of us.” Linda Schaeffler.

Sustainability and female energy are not only something you’ll find on Linda’s homepage but are a recurring theme throughout all of her work. The avowed team player designs visual worlds for companies such as Douglas, Adobe, Und Gretel, Sloggi, The Female Company or Femtasy – all quite happily and with conviction together with real people and genuine forms.

GoSee : lindaschaeffler.comherspective.de/LINDA-SCHAEFFLERGoSeeAWARDS.com
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