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featured by BOSCHtoBANRAP : BOSCHTOBANRAP, Photographers & Directors Representation, Berlin & Cologne; the creative fusion of BANRAP GmbH and TOBIAS BOSCH FOTOMANAGEMENT. In other words : Sven and Tobias are now representing their artists together

January 1st, 2021, marked the beginning of BOSCHTOBANRAP – the creative fusion of BANRAP GmbH and TOBIAS BOSCH FOTOMANAGEMENT. The new agency looks forward to going down new avenues together. It not only banks on growth but also on sustainable values and cooperations with clients. The focus in the future will be even more on the continuous personal development of its artists and the entire team.

Sven Gless has led his agency BANRAP, headquartered in Cologne, for more than fifteen years. Tobias Bosch (Cologne & Berlin) celebrated his ten year anniversary in 2020 together with his agency. The two agents met one another while working at the Association of Representatives and soon started collaborative projects to generate synergies.

It began with the invention of the RFI photo table at the NRW Forum in Düsseldorf, followed in 2018 by a charity event with an exhibition of works by their artists which took place at Boutique Hotel Maison Marsil to benefit Pro Namibian Children e.V.. Then came their first mutual appearance with a trade fair booth at UPDATE, embracing the claim ‘Together’ in 2019. And they teamed up with GoSee to sponsor the glamorous Art Producer & GoSeeAWARD Jury Dinners at UPDATE Berlin.

Then it was only a question of time until the decision was made : Together is better. Why not combine the best of the two agencies? In 2020, both representations developed a mission and mutual vision for the new agency which was brought to life through workshops with the employees and artists.

In January, 2021, the time had finally come. Formed out of (Tobias) Bosch and Banrap in the ‘Together’ spirit was Bosch Banrap together GmbH with its first new brand BOSCH to BANRAP. The representation with more than 20 artists and a six-member team of employees has now officially set up shop.

Sven and Tobias tell GoSee : “We work together with an experienced team of experts made up of bookers, project managers, in-house producers, and coaches. Our team is distributed among the two locations Cologne and Berlin. And available to all artists and interested parties in the future in Cologne is studio and gallery space, which we refer to as ‘Creative Space’.” We will, of course, keep you posted here on GoSee about how the new agency is developing – together. Until then – GoSee : boschtobanrap.com
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featured by Hetzner Produktion : HETZNER PRODUKTION : Mobility campaign for the Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection in BERLIN, photographer ADRIAN T. KUBICA c/o BANRAP and the agency Ressourcenmangel

Safe, climate-friendly and comfortable – that’s the vision for the future of mobility in Berlin. New mobility legislature is aimed at making Berlin a city in which all forms of transportation are equal. The car-friendly city of today will be transformed into one with new protected bike lanes, faster subway trains in a higher frequency or longer green lights for pedestrians. ADRIAN T. KUBICA c/o BANRAP realized the motifs for the agency Ressourcenmangel in close cooperation with Uwe Hetzner from HETZNER PRODUCTIONS.
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‘One breath under the ice’ – apnea world record diver TOLGA TASKIN, accompanied by Director and Photographer Klaus HEINZLER c/o BANRAP; we have three minutes of breathtaking film for you on GoSee

In his heart-felt project “One breath under the ICE”, Klaus HEINZLER c/o BANRAP presents the purest form of diving – apnea. He had the once-in-a-lifetime-chance of accompanying Tolga Taskin when he set his world record in Austria. Taskin is the first person in the world to reach a depth of 75 meters beneath a solid sheet of ice.

Tolga Taskin tells us about his path : “I was really lucky to be able to grow up surrounded by apnea divers. As a child at my grand parent’s in Turkey, I spent more time in the water than on land. That’s how I playfully got to know freediving, the underwater world and breathlessness. I can still see right before my eyes how my grand parents would stand on the shore with wrinkled brows frantically looking for me on the surface of the water, constantly hoping I was alright.

When I got older, I discovered that It wasn’t only curiosity and fun that drew me under water. A feeling of deep relaxation slowly developed in me whenever I experienced the tranquility of closing my eyes and floating weightlessly or falling somewhere beneath the water surface in this realm of sensory deprivation while free- and apnea diving. I learned that, when I let go and my thoughts calmed down, my pulse would also slow down, followed by this overwhelming feeling in my belly, this deep state of relaxation and this unique feeling of well-being. What a rush!”

The film made it into the finals at several film festivals, including the Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards and also received a few honorable mentions at the Florence Film Awards and the New York Movie Awards.

Born out of Tolga’s passion for freediving is his own diving school : “We offer freediving courses for beginners as well as advanced courses. We do crash courses, flexible private courses plus intensive courses and weekend courses. The courses are held upon request in German and English, preferably in small groups of 2-4 persons. And we offer training courses for professional freediving teachers.” If you’re interested, GoSee : tolga-taskin.comapnea-college.de
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